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I am new to this world i didnt experienced much life but this what life taught me Read More
It's a poem I wrote about what I feel about the competition created in the world nowadays... © All copyrights reserved to Kenisha Liyanage Read More

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Lana-mai has been running for years. With only her steed for company she must outrun all those who seek to harm her. Never staying in one place for too long, she must keep fleeing even when she has no energy to run anymore. Her curse and her burden is hers… Read More
This is a poem I wrote, for all of those people who don't have anyone to tell their stories, to help people understand, and tell people what society is really like. Read More

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Control, power and need. What happens when the minds blossoms in a box of metal and despite becoming weaker becomes stronger. We have no control over anything but the weather shall remain. Read More
Having a weak-willed husband must have been a trial Read More
Sophie is a curious girl who had always wanted to see the portal with her own eyes. Her need for adventure overwhelms her but it has disastrous consequences. She must now fight for her survival in a world of giant beings with no way to return home. Read More

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February 16, 2014

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This poem is about bravery and how to face that one thing you're scared of. Question: What is your fear? I have so many fears but if I had to pick one, it would be to stand up for myself. BUT if it was one of those small fears, it… Read More
Its my earnest appeal to all Booksie family members to read this article about Criss Sole and support her to accomplish her goal. And I am very grateful to her for supporting me doing the final editing of this article. Read More
I wanted to join the recesses of darkness. Join the void and dissapear from this world. But she gave me the strength not to do it...... our haven!! heyy guys, let me know what you think! :D :) Read More

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January 28, 2014

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A simple haiku that describes confidence and power. Read More
Nuclear War has broken out in the year 3005 and every country is against each other. Only one beacon of hope stands for those on the allies side, The White City. A large city home to the richest people in the world with large white skyscrapers and a transparent, indestructible… Read More
Just When citizens of the United States thought the war on terror was over and they could sleep in peace... It happens, the fear that had been around since the cold war,but this time could the united states be responsible for it own destruction. Read More

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It has been fifty-three years since the initial attack. The day every person has imprinted in their minds. The black clouds floating over Russia. If only then we knew. Of course, we never found out until it's too late. Now someone has emerged from the body of an alien. Is… Read More
A poem inspired by adventure and fantasy. Read More

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Chloe Campbell's life is thrown into a whirl-wind when her twin sister goes missing. Police, after only two weeks, have found no evidence of the abducted teen, and are starting to consider it a cold-case. But, Chloe refuses to give up on finding her other half, Tegan, and decides to… Read More
A trendy concept today is 'Cultural Relativism' where all traditionsn of a culture should be 'respected' (no matter how much harm they do) and where any criticism is 'being insensitive. I'm challenging this idea, and arguing that this kind of thinking is not just woolly-headed, but dangerous too. Read More
Look, I don't really care if anyone reads this. I just had to get this off of my chest. Enjoy. Read More
A storm is brewing in Black River, Michigan... Young teenage misfit Rose Downstorm misses her home in Maine after she and her family were driven by debt to Michigan. She's bullied, laughed at, and teased by her fellow students, and high school life just isn't good for her. Poor Rose's… Read More

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December 23, 2013

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Fourteen year old Maxine Benson is a couch potatoe who finds herself much more eager to catch up on the newest episodes of sitcom shows, than she is eager to enjoy her teenage life. When her new neighbors move in, she begins to fall in love with the boy next… Read More
The revelation of a cancer patient Read More
Fourteen year old Emily is a small girl who doesn't like gym. After ditching gym for a day in the bathroom, extraordinary events begin to make her wish she would have just went to gym. Read More
Vol 1: Till Death Do You Part, SAY WHAT?! The Gods Must Have A Sense Of Humor, is a flash memoir series of the crazy situations I have found myself in. In these very short true stories of my life, I will share various experiences including fighting parents (sometimes comical,… Read More
This was inspired by a melody from one of my favorite songs Read More
Confidence must by by us had, To our worries, troubles may add, We have to pick up guts, Then a clear idea mind gets, Bold steps bring glory, They only create great history. Read More

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A quarter of my thoughts when you left. Feedback is much appreciated, thanks for reading :) Read More
Kid being raised during the a time of war. Read More
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