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"Jumping up and the force of gravity pulls you back down, its just part of life, it doesn't matter how good we are..the other person has to change first and i right now tony needs to know that or he will not get threw it." Tony has no one to… Read More

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It's practically time the youths of our time embrace self education as a key to liberating us and the world from further sufferings and hazards which we would possibly have been averted through literacy development in the guise of self education. Read More
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Behavioral science is concerned with the study of human behavior which looks at individuals and their behavior along with the behavior of societies, groups, and cultures, and processes which can contribute to specific behaviors. Read More
The program provides an opportunity for Doctors to upgrade themselves to MD/MS. It is the only unique program for DNB students to upgrade themselves to MD/MS in an easier way. Read More
Every puppet wants to rule? Read More
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