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December 13, 2017

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Psychology- The study of the mind... Just for to remind... Read More
The story of two cousins Read More

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This is a true story of ancestors, compiled by gathering facts, data, timeline, culture, etc. this story was written July 13, 2014 Read More
A story about my travels to my cousin's house in Kentucky Read More

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This story follows "Honeybee" and "Just Wait and See". It is the summer of 1959 when Emma Winberry's new cousins descend on the farm, creating havoc. Read More
Hi everyone, this is a story i'm still working on: about life, friendship and following your dreams. Xua is a 18th year old girl who has always wanted to live in the country she was born in, independently and with her cousins, she left her country when she was 10… Read More
Messages within a card, little snippets, like a shard... Is it all we want to say? No my dear, I hope not, pray... When you open it & see, heart-felt words that come from me... Read More
Following his dad's work, Oz and his family moves to Elwood City. The nine-year-old discovers the adventures that lay ahead as he continued to grow as a person. Read More

Book / True Confessions

October 31, 2014

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This story is about my 5 cousins,those who became orphans and were treated badly from there aunts and uncles it's not fiction or a story stolen but a real story,story from my family. Read More
Glenna is finding it difficult to move on with life after her mom kills murders her sisters and attempts to kill her. Glenna moves in with her very religious aunt and cousins but she is having trouble trying to understand why God would allow such a terrible thing to happen… Read More
Emily's cousins have been taken away from their mother after being diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, a disorder where parents will purposely make their kids sick for the attention. Emily would rather not have her cousins live with her because they are a little weird. But maybe her cousin… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 20, 2013


Tags: life, girl, cousins, downs

Sloan Beaudine tries to start her life over after she kills the man who killed Ethan. But starting over isn’t going to be so easy for her. This is the second part of the story of Sloan Beaudine and what happened after she killed. This is also for Sarah365’s contest.… Read More
My name is Kristi Falls. I'm a "regular" 14 year old girl that's trying to survive this apocalypse. It started with a bomb, a vacation, an abandonment, and finally, an apocalypse. I started to realize that when people mean dead, they're talking about the walking corpses. Ever since Caiel told… Read More

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Ariel is the daughter of the well known Parker family. Her father is known for his excellence in law enforcement and her mother for her talent in writing reviews and advertisements as a reporter, but what happens when the man she falls in love with is despised by not only… Read More

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Searching the light, in the darkness. What you do in the dark, effects the bright. Akumi is trapped in a world of darkness. Some say the shine is good, but not in this place. Read More
This is just a fan-made version of the Hunger Games telling a story revolving around an experience I would have if I were sent into the Hunger Games and what would happen. I've changed most of the names I have put into this book to protect the identities of my… Read More

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December 21, 2012

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I need to get this out of my system and Brain, Can't focus on school because I day Dream this story in my head. I'm using my Actual Self to write this story as some of this Content is true Read More

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March 31, 2012

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Rosaline, Kathryn, Emily, and Jessie are cousins that had never seen each other. Once, under different conditions they were all forced to live with their Grandmother Bella, in a big cottage in the middle of the woods. Rosaline- is a spoiled, 18 years old girl. She was raised by her… Read More

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Brailey Grayson’s considered a geek by many in her small town but she’s so sweet no one could ever be mean to her- besides Cora Sherrill that is. She has never been in love. She’s never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and yes- she’s still a virgin. When her… Read More

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November 17, 2011

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Cousins - and how they turn it into a disaster. Read More

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