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Two weeks after battling the Band of Lovers, Curtis, Sly and Mabel are laying low in Tangate. But with funds running low and suspicion growing, they can't stay much longer and prepare to depart back into the open desert for another stretch of adventure. Read More
My personal Father's Day tribute to my Dad . . . a cowboy who always wore the white hat . . . . Read More
Life has consequences. Read More

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"Really captures the mythos of the old west. Good piece!" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An icon of the 50's. Read More

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"Great poem: all little boys need someone they can look up to and some day follow in their shoes." Read More

A late life trip to the podiatrist, and being foot-xrayed while wearing an oversized lead vest, evoked memories forgotten from childhood. Read More

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A young, brash gunslinger calls out a legend for a duel. Read More
Marshal Thibodeau must try to turn a young man down a better path. Read More
marshal thibodeau and his choctaw friend are on the trail of crazy harvey wells. "somewhere up the trail, perched in his nest, harvey wells spat and cursed. 'pretty quick there, boys, aren’t ya? now just stick your head out again and i’ll part your hair for ya.'" Read More
Curtis and the gang arrive in Onyxlanding to resupply and rest. Unfortunately, they can't go anywhere without running into trouble. Read More
"Hector Kilborn Thibodeau was a long, taut-muscled man near thirty. The son of a New Orleans merchant and a Cajun queen, he came to the Marshall service at twenty-three and had quickly made a name for himself at Fort Smith." Read More
If she doesn’t break him, she’ll never get to have him. In this short story, Rebecca “Becks” has to stand up against a band of brothers to rescue her family farm. She’s been training for this moment for a year, but her greatest challenge is Archer Slone. No one’s ever… Read More
Having rested and recuperated in Brindlebridge, Bonnie Carter and Alexander Vaughan receive further instructions from the elusive Miss Moreau - they're to meet an acquaintance of Miss Moreau's at the saloon for a new job. However, things swiftly go to heck in a handbasket, and Bonnie's safety is threatened. With… Read More
A young girl by the name of Bonnie Carter is tasked with delivering an important package to the town of Brindlebridge, though outlaws and coyotes are hell-bent on making the trip a waking nightmare. Luckily for her, she has gunslinger Alexander Vaughan looking over her shoulder, a short man of… Read More
a story about rodeo cowboys and the wrecks that sometimes happen. this was one. Read More

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Chapter 1 - Nurse Dani gets called back to her small home town to take care of her aunt, who raised her Chapter 8 - Levi starting his new life back on the farm and emotions it brings up Read More
A gold nugget the size of a cow's eyeball is in the hands of Lily Lawless. No, wait, it's in Samson's, leader of an outlaw gang who stole it from Lily along with her heart. The gold nugget also comes with a note. A meeting place. Three groups of outlaws… Read More
Its been three hundred years since the void swallowed half the Midwestern United States. The Dark Cloud formed over the Rockies and began to spread, but no one paid much attention. It wasn't till the blood rain and the bone monsters first appeared that people began to worry. The US… Read More
Just a silly little ditty about a young cowboy and porch-light confusion. Read More
The deadly skirmishes that helped shape the flamboyant and notorious Belle Starr Read More
"Cattle Kate" becomes the most famous woman in Wyoming - after her hanging Read More
How Wild Bill Hickok spoiled two bear cubs’ playtime Read More
The wild ride that helped prepare Nat Love for his role as the most famous black cowboy in the West Read More
The relentless quest of vengeance that led Jesse James down a path of infamy If you have time, please leave a comment Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ocean Wintercrest was your average 19-year-old cowgirl. Lived on a ranch her whole life, loves to ride horses and spend nights under the stars. But after a tragic death that led to Ocean almost dying, she runs away to a life of party and men. Then she met a Monster.… Read More
a story about a man called steve steelhead that trys to fit in as a cowboy Read More

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Poem / Poetry

September 17, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Why can't ghosts have rodeos? Read More
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