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I don’t know, just gonna write as I go but, There a new sheriff in town. It’s the first ever girl sheriff......... That’s all I know so far.. Read More
In the year 2123, siblings Arsenic, Chromium, and Uranium are chasing a gang leader called Phosphorus. Arsenic and Phosphorus seem to have a rough past that Arsenic refuses to share with Chromium and Uranium. Will they find out what Arsenic is hiding or are they going to be in the… Read More
The story of three teenagers surviving in a small town until tragedy strikes them all down helpless. Read More
In one short week, country girl Evie-Anne fell in love with raising country singer Dallas Preston, while on his tour to become known. But what he doesn't know is that he left behind the love of his life and a son. Read More

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Read the story and tell me how it sounds dont forget to comment a shy cowgirl who secretly loves a cowboy but doesn't want him to know how much, till she just blurts out... Read More
Cowboy Hunting is an episodic novel that chronicles the misadventures of three friends and buckle bunnies as they travel the rodeo circuit and attempt to snare cowboy companions. Told from various perspectives, Cowboy Hunting follows the characters throughout their college years--from Texas to the Northwest and many places in between--as… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

City girl, Briar arrives at Loveless Ranch out of a break up she thought she would never get over, untill she met the head ranch hand, Piper. Rated R just in case of language. Read More
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