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over his time on this planet, mr craig had developed a bitter hatred towards all humans and living creatures. to the extent where he felt the need to filter them out of his life completely. by killing them. Read More

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This embellished feature is told by a 23 year old narrator who describes that the term "Women want love to be in the form of a novel, and men will settle for a short story." to be incredibly incorrect in few situations. Although the sporty cover, the short story at… Read More
Craig wanted to commit suicide. And he should have died thereafter he let his body be drowned inside the bottom of the lake. But Craig came back alive. He came back for the love he never had. He came back by the hand of his best friend Alex... But shouldn't… Read More

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Brittnay Meets Bryan Montey . Money .......... Many Chapters To Come :) Read More
Ronnie Radke has been in love with Juliet Summers since his senior year of high school. They have been together for years. Then Ronnie starts getting addicted to drugs, and becomes abusive. What lengths will Juliet go to, to save herself? And what will happen to Ronnie when she does?… Read More
A continuation cause for whatever reason, the other story was being a fucktard. :3 Almost done by the way.. But I might do extras Read More
Craig buys some weed, but does he find more than he's bargained for? Read More

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Bebe meets Jake after being forced to go on a boat trip by her mother. Three boys and three girls total. And of course, they pair up. Jake is mysterious, a little rude at first meeting. And as the novel unfolds, secrets are brought into the light, and Bebe becomes… Read More
Slipknot: Once nine, now eight. What happened to the ninth one and what happens now? Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 19, 2010

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In Ayla's world there are two types of people. And you're either special or you're not. She has only met two special people besides her family in all her life Kenya and Kaden but their a pair. How Ayla wishes she had what they share together, though she'll never let… Read More

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For all of you Escape the Fate fans. Pick your favorite singer for the band. If you've never heard one or the other sing, I'll have samples. Read More
this was just me trying to figure who i am at 28, i was tired and weary and in need of a break. Read More

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Book / Romance

June 27, 2009

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Nikki is just a girl in her school with a couple friends.Not a lot of people know her.Well not until the badboy of the school askes her out.The class clown also askes he out.Who will she Choose and Wich one is her Truelove? start reading to find out:) Read More
A continued story of Alex's love. Note: I know it's labeled as a short story and not a novel with chapters; I don't plan on putting them together. It just fits better this way. Enjoy :] Read More
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