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A night at the pub turns into a tale of disbelief as Christopher Fox describes his recent pursuit of a 'silver-suited fella' climbing up radio towers with a remote control. Read More
a civil servant uncovers a mystery about her past when looking at a strange baby photo that she can't remember having been in. Read More

Tags: creepy, memory

HI this is a Short Horror Story. About a 10 year Old Girl Named Lila. That was lied to ever since she was 5 year's Old, Why Because Lila was always told that she was the only Love Child. The thing is she finds out that She was Not the… Read More
Repolish! A zombie battles the five stages of death! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

a poem about a boy alone in an old family home. Read More

Featured Review by Ann Sepino

"An aptly spooky poem. It really gives not just a Halloween but also a general Horror vibe. I like it a lot. :)" Read More

A rewrite of a much shorter story. Cover image: Hector Falcon on Unsplash. Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 08, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

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Featured Review by Joe Stuart

"This story is right up there with your best work, Hully. An excellent mystery horror story. I am glad you ended the story as you did, leaving re..." Read More

When something happens, someone must solve the mystery. A seemingly conspiracy theory comes to light to be true, a sceptical friend may be a traitor, and all in the space of a few pages. Read More
Don't talk to strangers. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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There was nothing I could’ve done, I watched as they pronounced me brain dead. Read More

Tags: horror, creepy, fear, help

A family was at the lake and Granny hit her head. Find out what happens to Granny's family in Creepy Granny! Read More

Tags: creepy, granny

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The Booksie Classic House

I've decided to restart my love of horror with this compilation of new flash horror stories. Read More
A child spending the weekend at their grandmother's house witnesses something horrifying. Read More
Are claims of a giant bird in the sky real? Read More
After the tragic loss of her father, Melanie has been trying to move forward. Sadly, his passing has left her expecting the worst in every circumstance. After graduating from college, she and her friend, Alex, both take to the waters of the Washington coast to enjoy an afternoon of canoeing.… Read More
I don't belong here... Read More
A boy's struggle with an ancient being... Read More
The woman waits beneath the grass, her rotting flesh tainting the soil around her. Read More
A little thanks to the man who doomed us all... Part 1 of the series. Comment if you want more! Read More
This is about a child who gets tormented by a sound at bed time while he's home alone and finds out the horror behind it. This is a 500 word essay Read More

Tags: horror, creepy, scary

A woman recounts memories of her childhood home, and of her short-lived friendship with an otherworldly being, whom she could only meet with on the landing of her staircase. Read More
My apartment building has no basement...but the elevator just went down past the ground floor. Read More
BIZARRE, MYSTERIOUS, CREEPY,CHILLING, SURPRISES, A peculiar man invites a willing couple to witness a fantastic scientific breakthrough with a chilling result. Read More

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