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After years of depression, a man sees a psychiatrist who suggests taking medication. After taking his new prescription, odd happenings begin to take place in the life of the protagonist. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Your nose is itchy? Scratch it! Your neck is itchy? Scratch that too! Your everything is itchy? ...Better get a wire brush. Read More
So i had written this... long time ago cant even remember. i uploaded it to creepy pasta on a whim nothing ever came of it, and shortly after that i decided to make this account. i tried to link it here but that failed, but now that im on a… Read More
A bit of a bedtime story, but I don't guarantee sleep afterward. Read More
This Creepypasta written by Alex Osborne will make you question if you are alone or not. It will make you sleep with the lights on, or off... Read More
April's life is all fine and dandy until one day when she finds a file. This file may just get her killed. But just who are the ones after her? Her parents or the group of murderers? Why does her parents have this file in the first place? Are the… Read More
Who is The Taxidermist? What is his obsession with skin? Do you think he's crazy or completely sane? Read to find out! Read More
What will you find in the darkness? Read More
Recently, I've been attempting to figure out why, at 25, I am still afraid of the dark by searching my mind for any clue. While digging into my memory, I've noticed a terrifying pattern that has been a constant for the majority of my life. I've decided to write my… Read More
All my studies on this enitity will go in here. Read More
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