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The Night Owl Hotel House

Murder, mafia and mayhem. Alyssa Rawkesby is a Canadian criminal profiler who specializes in the demented minds of female serial killers. At a time when her personal life is crumbling, her career is at its peak. She gets called in to help detectives with a notorious female killer murdering young… Read More

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January 18, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Jay Walsh is in a bad way; he was used to being poor, he had mostly been below the poverty line, but he is left scrabbling when his wife ditches him and their children, taking with her all of the family's savings. Working as a farmhand, Jay… Read More
This book is dedicated to recounting the cases of those who have gone missing in the United States (mainly the US tho exceptions might be made and will be marked). Along with the case information will be possible theories, tho most will be just based on articles read and not… Read More
The purpose of this book is to profile cases of missing people that disappeared during the decade of the 1980s and to try and find a theory as to what happened to them. The hope is to keep their memory alive and hopefully find some resolution to their cases. Read More
A short story about a particularly famous criminal... Read More
Alice Phillips has been a criminal psychologist for almost 30 years but never has she work with patients quite like these. Read More
Flash Fiction Story inspired by the prompt 'The end and the beginning' Read More
A tribute to a crime that happened in Miami in the early 1990's Read More

Tags: abuse, sadness, crime

Danielle Oliver is found dead in her New York apartment. As Detective Harold Gorman investigates her murder, he finds that she died because of the secrets she keeps. Read More
"I was born in hell with no one but myself. There ain't much I want but to find a way out of it before being buried there. I go by the name of Ezequiel Evander. But everyone knows me as Eler." When you were born to suffer, the only hope… Read More
THE MINCER D.J.Vanderstadt¬©2017 The first call from Dispatch came in at around 8 PM. Stench levels reached a critical Phase. Meyer and DeBock were on duty in the Control Room. The unwelcome call interrupted a marathon game of Banzai. Both men were notorious gamblers and not easy to distract when… Read More
A nineteen year old woman is taken away from her family and is sold to a guard. She learns to accept and love him. Read More

Tags: fantasy, drama, crime

In most countries in the world gun purchases are suficiant regulated, and thus gun crime is not a big problem. In countries like especially the U.S.A where guns are easier to purchase, the gun problem is greater. So, do we really need guns for a safer society? Read More
The Dove Chronicles is suspense-driven, urban thriller filled with adventurous twists and turns about personal pain, toil, struggle, come-up and the perils of street politics.It chronicles the lives of women who are forced to live in the belly of some of Northern California's darkest neighborhoods. Charm's version of female supremacy… Read More
In Ontario, the Canadian city, a girl dies in a prank gone wrong. Several years' later, a group of fraternity and sorority girls, head on a train that is full of disco music, and magic by a magician, and his assistant. As they fall victim to a revenge seeking murderer,… Read More
New York, 1940. Detective John Farrow is a man who loves mysteries. When Delbert Harding dies in his Mansion, he begins to investigate the murder. As more deaths happen, he runs out of time to solve the death, and arrest the killer. The new mystery thriller novel by Robert Helliger,… Read More
South Carolina, 1981. The sorority sisters of Theta Phi have been attacked by a revenge seeking killer in a clown suit, after their prank goes wrong, that leads to the death of house mother, Mrs. Slater, in the pool. When the survivors of the killer leave, a new group of… Read More
After a visit from her nephew, Lady Casterton is found strangled, but before the police can arrest the nephew, he is found murdered. The question John Handful must discover is: who killed the killer? Read More
Charles Manson became the most infamous killer in the history of American crime. He was America's answer to the other most famed killer, Jack the Ripper. But history revisionism began as soon as the Manson story was revealed in December of 1969. Information wasn't available like it is today, and… Read More
South Carolina, 1961. When a prank goes wrong, that ends in the death of a sorority girl, it is closed for the next two decades. In 1981, the new group of girls do the same with Mrs. Slater, the house mother. Thinking she's dead, they are attacked by a killer,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ray is a bit of a wildman and never strays too far away from adventure. Now, living in america and making a living through violent bribery, Ray believes hes untouchable and on top of his game but eventually his crimes catch up with him which puts him in even more… Read More
Thomas Forbes, a crime writer, lives in the Davies Building in New York, when he thinks he sees his someone in his apartment. Is he being paranoid, or it is someone he knows? The new thriller short story by Robert Helliger. Read More
New York, 1964. In the city that never sleeps, everyone is in shock when President John F. Kennedy is assassinated the year before in November of 1963. When a killer strikes, a young detective Harold Sharp is on the case, in the Swinging Sixties. The prequel to "Razor". Read More

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November 16, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Sophie is one of "those" girls. The "Popular" Girls. But no one is perfect. Two years ago she lost her best friend in a fire, the authorities never found a cause but they believe it was a targeted murder. They never found who it was. Now the killer claims to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What could lead a seventy-five year old lady to commit murder? This is the opening Chapter that sets the scene. I'd value your constructive comments. Did you reach page 3, and more importantly did it make you want to read more? Read More

Tags: humour, romance, crime

A story of Power and wealth, crime and cover ups. Where the concepts of the class system and collateral damage are challenged. Money puts friendships in jeopardy and loyalty to the test. Read More

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November 02, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

I think the world would be a better place if we treated our women and children better, instead of abducting, abusing and killing them. Read More

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