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The Booksie Classic House

After losing his job and nearly being kicked out of the house, Shannchyuan finds himself unable to remember what happened to him in the past four hours. When a friend who is in danger calls to ask for help, he doesn’t expect to meet an orphan girl who witnesses a… Read More
A number. That's all anyone is, just a number. It's all up to investors to determine yours. Your market value. Manipulation is the name of the game. Read More
Theme: This peom is about the forgetten children in africa, who some lost their parents and homes in war and was lead and introduce into war and became child soildiers, and some have lost their lives, especially in Africa, according to statistics there are more than 200,000 child soilders in… Read More
A seedy Vegas P.I. and young starlet, fall into trouble and wind up saving the world. Read More
Imagine if you were fighting a gang of criminals with a battle ax. Wouldn't that be cool? That's what you get to do if you are a Sivanyan Imperial Battle Ax Crime Fighter. Read More
A silly yet serious yet silly yet serious made-up story about a boy who's named after names. - suicide - drug use - violence - death I must confess that the drawing on the cover is traced. I mean all its parts are traced. I'm not really that good at… Read More
There was a mysterious person M.A.R.K, from Lezville Bay, Ariomore. M.A.R.K forced four girls to investigate the long-lost case of Robin Presley Matthew. The girls have no clue about who this M.A.R.K was. They were dictated to follow a certain path through some cryptic messages that can only be read… Read More
What happens when 3 thieves joins there ways together? This story explores many turn of events which they encounter during their journey. Will the justice uphold? and if upholds will that be called justice? So many questions but the answer is just one - Who knows? Read More

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Johnny races the police to the finish line. Read More
They say only wild women get the blues Well that's not the case in this biscuit sopping sequel. Low County South Carolina's two most prominent families are being tested by the old rocking chair known as the blues. Read More
Life for two hispanic young men of El Barrio is not a stroll through the-park by any means. Not only do they have to deal with fights, drugs , and drive-by shootings, but the two also have to be ready and willing to perform any act the gang orders. Though,… Read More
A very short segment written as a warm-up exercise before I got on with something else I'm currently writing Read More
For David Milch, whose own accounts of his childhood in his memoir Life's Work inspired this little tale of mischief and rough boyhood. Read More
To fulfill an owed debt to a friend--and to receive modest compensation--Ian Watson agrees to attend a private academy filled with rich students for the next two years. The catch? He has to assume the identity of a student named Roman Vance, who he not only has an uncanny physical… Read More
A short story of two brothers, staying with a father. their uncle has hidden motive against them. The story revolves around psychological aspects. An officer will be given a task to find out what the case is? one of the brother Sam is the one who has been declared mentally… Read More
Aurore Legrande Shoda Kunio Rein Frederich Raja Allam Laurel Mack Oscar Mallin Ye Young Rosalva Mele Volya Egerov Elvan Simsek Ten names, unalike in all aspects, their owners being of different ages, nationalities, lifestyles, classes. Only one thing drew the lines between each name. The way they died. Or, more… Read More

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October 14, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

"I was born in hell with no one but myself. There ain't much I want but to find a way out of it before being buried there. I go by the name of Ezekiel Evander. But everyone knows me as Eler." Marcagli was promised to be the country that would… Read More
Dondi Mahon is a pathological liar. Nearly every word that spills from her mouth is a half-truth drowning in a sea of lies. So, when she witnesses a crime and tries to report it, finding someone to believe her becomes nearly impossible. Read More

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The Vintage Publishing House

Rebecca Juste was a prominent NYC prosecutor … Quitting her job disillusioned with what she considers an unjust verdict, she decides that if you want something done the RIGHT way, well, you just gotta do it yourself! Read More
When Vincenzo Bernardi's life is flipped upside down by a scarred face and a pair of brown eyes, will he walk away from everything he's been taught for love? come walk in the dark as Vincenzo soon finds the light. Will love prevail? or will Darkness have its way? Read More
Agent Emily Abbett has discovered her life is a lie. After leaving a cult at 17 and becoming a cop with the International Crime Bureau, she finds out the people she thought were her parents, were not. All she has is a photo and a few details, until the cult… Read More
In the morgue a trainee makes a startling discovery. Read More
Mindy has a dark side that she goes to ever so often... Read More
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