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Everyone has secrets. Eight women over the span of ten years have gone missing in the tiny prairie town of Stancombe, Alberta. When a woman digs herself from her own grave, local cops call in the best profiler to chase down a female serial killer: Agent Alyssa Rawkesby. With her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Book / Romance

December 02, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Ariana’s old nemesis Jonah Fiorelli is back from the dead, and he wants what he thinks is rightfully his: Ariana, who is married to Romeo De La Torre, King of the De La Torre Mafia; and the Fiorelli empire, which has been taken over by the De La Torre Mafia… Read More
The collector makes an error that will lead him into conflict with detective Cassidy, a man he immediately recognizes as being a threat. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Angel has tried to stay on the right side of law and order. But when threats from her past resurface combine with present dangers to her family, she is pushed to seek justice and retribution on her own terms. Please note this story contains some violence and touches on topics… Read More
Fanficiton ispirata alla serie TV The Closer. Ambientato alla fine di The Closer, il capitano Raydor e il tenente Flynn devono arrestare un sospettato. Una bomba cambierà tutto, anche le loro vite. Tutti i personaggi appartengono a TNT Read More

Tags: romance, drama, crime

Brielle Parker has always been known to get into trouble. She has a rebellious side and rarely listens to others' advice. So when she begins dating the bad boy in school, she doesn’t think too much of it. After all, how much worse could he be than her? As she… Read More

Tags: crime

Charlotte was a lonely middle aged widow, that decided to follow her dream and convert her home into a welcoming bed and breakfast...once the construction work started a grim discovery was made... Read More

Book / Young Adult

November 23, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Sophie is one of "those" girls. The "Popular" Girls. But no one is perfect. Two years ago she lost her best friend in a fire, the authorities never found a cause but they believe it was a targeted murder. They never found who it was. Now the killer claims to… Read More
James is desperate, his gambling debts have caught up with him. In a moment of madness he turns to robbery to raise the money to pay off his debts. Read More
Wes Faulkner is in a race against time, in forty-eight hours, his wife, Marcia, will be murdered. With the police being of no help and precious hours ticking away, Wes turns to his old pal, disgraced police detective Rick. Together, they must track down this psychopathic would-be killer before the… Read More
Frank Cardigan, the world's worst detective, must solve a confusing murder featuring a red thing left in the crime scene. Will he be able to think enough to succeed? Read More
The main character, Ella, has been drugged and can't remember how she got to where she is. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

1954: In this domestic noir, Private Investigator Dean Briars becomes entangled with the enigmatic Angel Sullivan as he tries to find a killer in a seemingly blissful LA suburb. There are plenty of suspects close to the victim, but the answers may lie in a seemingly perfect couple who is… Read More
PLEASE NOTE: This is a sequel. It can be read as a separate work, but being a sequel it continues the story and develops the theme of the earlier book MILLION POUND APPOINTMENTS so some references from the earlier work might not be understood. Read More

Tags: crime, gangsters

after the disappearance of three teenagers, deputy sarah is left to solve the case almost half a year later, whilst a young girl tries to start a new life in the hectic streets of london. Read More
Veteran homicide detectives, Pringle and Daniels are hot on the trail of an elusive serial killer that has taken 4 lives already and is currently stalking his 5th. Will they catch the psycho before he strikes again... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The year is 1947 in Brooklyn, and PI Ray Allison is on the case when he is hired by Gwen Sanford to look into the death of a high profile millionaire and weapon manufacturer with shady connections, her father, Stephen Sanford, who suddenly died in a bizarre car crash which… Read More
The first story of a new series I'm starting, starring criminal psychologist and brilliant minded detective, Emory Niles. Join Detective Niles as he investigates the uncanny murder of a wealthy couple in an abandoned mansion. Read More

Short Story / Other

November 06, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

World peace has finally been achieved. There is a price for this peace, however. / My entry for the (November) Review Chain Contest (Also a possible prelude to more stories set in this world.) Read More
The hour is late, a tired man steps out of his office on a cold, rainy will be his final night on this earth. Silenced forever by the assassin’s bullet. By the time dawn breaks the morning next, Brenda Schroeder’s world has turned completely upside down. Her husband has… Read More
Diving right back into the crazy underworld where Agents Dwayne MacMorris and Emily Abbett are uncovering information and secrets to send to the International Crime Bureau. A Russian mobster fancies Emily as she keeps him at bay, Dwayne is still a bit off the rails as he feels more forgotten… Read More
The Amani queen has kidnapped former criminal Toga's son. She promises to return him if Toga agrees to commit a heist on the crown's behalf. For a man of Toga's abilities, this wouldn't be a problem if she wasn't asking him to rob a nation of 300000 warriors and assassins.… Read More
Investigation Franchise deals with two stories: One is Investigation: On progress and the other one is Investigation...Both follows different story line on crimes and thrillers, focusing on the journey of a police officer to nab the mafia and terrorists and how they face hurdles from their respective family members! Read More
"The Quest of Becoming Human" tells the story of a nameless disturbed and troubled serial killer with a tragic past through first person perspective narration. The character's personality and behavior is inspired by real life serial killers Ed Kemper and Jeffery Dahmer. Read More
For this poem, I wanted to create a rather ambiguous storyline based on a person who is condemned to death. I liked exploring this character's mindset and also not answering whether he was guilty or innocent to the crimes that he has been convicted off. Alongside that, I also enjoyed… Read More
New York, 1966. In the city that never sleeps, a series of murders happen during the height of the Vietnam War. As America struggles with the growing social, economical, and political unrest, Donald Thompson suffers from a darkness that he can't define, as his mind is empty of thoughts that… Read More
Reese and Ava are two best friends that are completely inseparable. They've lived beside each other their whole lives and continuously seek out new adventures, especially now that they're juniors in high school. They live in the small town of Fallhaven: a quaint, charming little town filled with history and… Read More

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