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Book / Mystery and Crime

November 26, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Mr. and Mrs. Parker have a seemingly loving marriage, on the surface. But when Mrs. Parker gets shot in her very own home, whilst cooking her husband's favourite soup, that might not seem the case. Who's the hooded figure behind her death and could her husband have had something to… Read More

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The Review Chain House

Ever turned out to be that your Prince charming might not be who or what you think he is? Chester Hunt is a reclusive billionaire with a devil-may-care attitude, living a double life as a coffee shop owner, so as to get away from under the control of his overbearing… Read More
Questo è il seguito di “Il mondo tra le mie braccia” pubblicato su Continuano le avventure del capitano Sharon Ryador, del tenente Andy Flynn e della squadra della Crimini Maggiori. Riuscire a conciliare amore e dovere diventerà sempre più complicato. Read More

Tags: romance, crime

After a series of crimes sweeps through Seattle, a teen takes it upon himself to confront the mob responsible. *SENIOR PROJECT - 2011* Read More
'Can I interest you in my luxury garden furniture?' Read More
My Nanowrimo 2021 project! First draft "Maniac" takes us back two decades before "Belladonna", to when Alyssa Rawkesby is sixteen. A psychopath is kidnapping, torturing and murdering the teenage girls around her. Detective Jacob Schorel, a former ICB agent and disgraced profiler, has a reputation to piece back together and… Read More
With confident steps, Isabelle stroded from the left side to the right side of the room. Her right hand casually rested by the hidden pocket in her strapless velvet red dress. Around her, people held wine glasses, talked and partied. She was not only one that had a goal, but… Read More
Sometimes alliances among friends are not as strong as one expects them to be. And for one young man Aze, who is about to learn about true alliances at a crucial moment in his life, where the decision between life and death hang in the balance. Read More
A Mom Vanishes into Thin Air Before Thanksgiving. Read More

Book / Humor

November 14, 2021

In the mysterious high deserts of New Mexico, the Indian shamans know the secret of the coyote transformation, allowing mortals to shape-shift into shadow coyotes, the better to bring down their prey. Now Katt Hall, a transplanted Southern beauty sexually frustrated by an unwilling and alcoholic husband, has gained those… Read More
Is someone expecting a story where you know the killer but you don't know how or what he did, then this is the correct story for you. With another robbery, Holmes is back with twists and spins. Read an enjoy. Please like and share to you family and friends. Thanks… Read More
its just another normal case of theft and murder, which is again solved by Sherlock Holmes. Nothing suspicious to see here. Please like and share to your family and friends for them to enjoy the story too. P.S. Sorry if there isn't any romance, I am 15yrs old. Read More
The Bear are on trial for their crimes they committed. Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

November 03, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Continuous killings in the town, but no one knows about the murderer. Bree can see death but no one believes her. Will she succeed in saving the people from their death? Read More
The solo P.I. is vulnerable. Charlie is on the wrong end of revenge. Read More
A group of prisoners participates in an experimental program granting them more freedom and responsibilities. Though less restricted, they are still in prison and under the constant watchful eye of technology. The dynamics are still the same and so are the potential problems. Too much of anything can be negative… Read More
Natalia is torn as she is beholden to the New Moscow mob in the futuristic America. As others struggle to deal with a crime wave, the darkness of the city consumes them. The sequel to Cyber Wars. Read More
In order to prevent a murder from happening, you'll have to arrive at the crime scene after the murder has happened. Read More
In New York 2079, Natalia Romonova, a Russian woman, and United States citizen, comes out of the shadows after a series of disappearances that causes a lot of problems for the President of the United States. The new novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
Ted Bundy was a working his way to being a lawyer in the 1970's. But, shockingly, he turned out to be a prolific serial killer, one of the worse in America. This Non-Fiction crime book is about his life...and crimes. Read More

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The Night Owl Hotel House

Some people dwell in the darkness for too long. Some can't ever see a way out until a hand reaches out. Others only know how to survive in the abyss. But they have to step out into the light some day. In the crossover between "Beyond Dark" and its spinoff,… Read More
Talking to himself, or "thinking out loud" of how he despises his short though very successful life. A young genius finds his mundane sentience of books and learning in a trice become poles apart. please leave critical comments and the like. Feel free to add to, and collaborate if you… Read More
Charlie is hired to Bodyguard a visiting foreign Executive Read More
private detective charlie wright is hired to find a missing husband. Read More
"I am 1950s Daughter of Bonnie & Clyde!" My Prolegomenon 2020 Flash Fiction Writing Contest by ChicagoStarBaby Publisher Booksie Print -Booksie Proof Copy ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYWRITE SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 My entry is content based on my true non-fiction storyline, staged in this mysterious timeless photo, a fictional vision challenge… Read More
A 16 year old growing up on Detroit's eastside is headed for a life of crime. When an arrest and a Detroit police officer change his life forever. Read More

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