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“Please, don’t-don’t take me” You cannot take my life with you”, Ziya Hing is wriggling and crying when the guard grabs her hand and brings her to a truck which is waiting for her to take to the slaughter place. And her older sister, Sieny Hing, stood frozen looking at… Read More
Justin Scholdfield gets the surprise of a lifetime. Along with a mysterious inheritance. But what secrets does the inheritance hold? Follow the journey of Justin and his best friends as they navigate through life while unravelling secrets along the way, some which could be with a consequence and a disaster! Read More
About a girl that has lived a horrid life and has does some fairly nasty things. She gets captured and tells the officers that are interviewing her all about that she has done. (Please comment and rate from 0 to 10.) Read More
What you do in the dark is your business. Keeping it buried is hers. Jay Nova is a private eye with a secret. She can read minds. What she can't do is control when it triggers, what it reveals or the pain it causes. Especially the pain. Still, with a… Read More
People were starting to notice. 13 murders have rocked the city and the detectives are desperate yet the Chess Player remains elusive. a short story I wrote for an English assignment on crime fiction Read More
A short crime fiction story about consumerism. Read More
Paris at the start of the second millennium: dark with fog, riots over police killings, and Far Right demagogues. Here state criminal investigator Stanislas Cassel works at the Palace of Justice. Ashamed he’s a grandson of a French Nazi collaborator during Germany’s WWII Occupation of France, he avoids anything political.… Read More
This is a crime fiction story, set in New York. It was originally written as a school assignment earlier this year. Read More
Since he was little James Carter looked up to his older brother and sister. Now that he is working with them will he be able to handle it or is he just not cut out for the job? Read More
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be inside the mind of a killer? Well, now is your chance. Tom is no regular guy. He has more than one issue and struggles to control himself. Follow him as he deals with his everyday life. Read More
Detective Laura Scott has a lot on her plate, with a serial killer on the loose, an irritating work partner and her boss breathing down her neck. Follow Scott as she tries to catch a killer with a peculiar obsession. Read More
A supposedly successful businessman has made a supernatural deal for success which has now failed him. His body literally begins to unravel mystically as detective Jason Midnight tracks him through to his death. Read More
When an MI6 recruiting officer asks counterterrorism expert Peter Craig to investigate his errant nephew's activities at a volunteer settlement high in the Andes, Craig accepts a straightforward mission. Days later, eight thousand feet above sea level, Craig finds himself in a desperate struggle to protect the settlement and surrounding… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

November 06, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

The Matira Bay Police Department investigates a series of gruesome murders that leads them to a punishing maniac who makes himself known as the Hangman. Read More
Double your pleasure, double your fun with a Frank Callahan Mystery Twofer. Frank Callahan is a gay LAPD detective who first appeared in the free-for-all mystery, The DVD Murders. He and his long-term friend and partner, Detective Barry Jennings, are back in two contemporary crime fiction stories that will keep… Read More

Book / Thrillers

June 27, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A cause worth killing for; A secret worth dying for; Throwing away $3 million and a life of leisure, Avery Bonelli chases the biggest story of her career, but her ambition gets her locked up in jail and running from assassins. She finds herself stuck between a military commando and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Pete Dyes, the beloved and Academy-Award winning actor, is shot and killed one night outside a famous director’s Brentwood home, and then America’s Sweetheart, movie actress Allison Rodgers, is gunned down in broad daylight in a public park, Hollywood holds its collective breath. Someone is killing the A-list actors… Read More
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