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This is just my religious beliefs.. feel free to disagree, but ya know, this is me. Don't try and change it. Happy reading:D Read More
This is for ahauntingnearu's unique music challenge. My song is 'The Day I Left the Womb,' by Escape the Fate, my color is purple, and my object is a photo. Here's the lyrics: Mother, where are you today? You took a piece of me the day you went away, No… Read More
This is my entery for Vampiregirl's challenge. The song I got was whenever you remember, by carrie underwood. The love story of Scarlet and Seth. Read More
This is my entery for CrimsonDawns Challenge. I needed to write a tragic love story in 9 chapters!! Hope you have fun reading! Read More
this is for those who have writer's block, or are just bored. it's a simple little challenge, and i'd love some contestants:) Read More
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