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Agents of SHIELD and Percy Jackson crossover- Robin Hinton, a young Inhuman girl who has the power to tell the future, tells Daisy Johnson of a disaster that could destroy the world for good. Robin tells Daisy that the only way to prevent this is to secure an alliance with… Read More
Humans and Pokémons were meant to be companions and friends only; from ever since the beginning of time, but as time passed, humans created technologies that they called pokeballs. These technologies would capture and enslave Pokémons inside of them for the rest of their lives. Arceus, the King of all,… Read More
The United Strikers:Superhuman Legends Sixth book in my book universe where the first crossover between all the characters will occur. Two months after the events of the Justice Warrior:Inferno Demon Strange unnatural phenomenons have been taking place globally,affecting everyone on the planet.Draco senses that something is wrong as he and… Read More
This is a crossover of Totally Spies and My Little Pony in elements but not characters. Read More
Jeffery wakes up every day with this dream about Travis becoming the new overlord of Auxis. He contacts Xavior, Travis’s brother, and gathers information about whether or not he will be crowned ruler of Auxis. He finds out something so devastating, And it's much worse than Travis being overlord.… Read More
Follow Mike and his sister Rose in there adventures through the wacky town of Crossovers, if you want an anime, game, cartoon, or even another book to have a crossover just tell me and I will try my hardest to get them into this book Read More

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December 19, 2017

In this Blue Exorcist and Star Wars crossover, young child named Rin Okumura has always wanted to become a jedi like his brother Yukio, now he has the chance to become a Jedi, but when Amaimon is having him for his own agenda and sending him to the dark… Read More
This story is centred on an Academy that dwells at the centre of the cosmos. There exist multiple worlds that live unaware of the existence of one another. Throughout the ages, there had been no interaction amongst the worlds. However, a time was soon to come when the worlds… Read More
Deep in the heart of Meim (a desert city) there lives a young girl named Lily, an emerald in the dirt. This HP/Aladdin crossover is my twist on the beloved book series and the popular Disney classic! Read More
Benjamin Bratt played Jonathan Pangborn in the Dr. Strange movie. He was the character who used magic only to heal himself. He is married in real life to Talisa Soto who played Princess Kitana in Mortal Kombat. What if Jonathan Pangborn had been married to Princess Kitana? This takes place… Read More

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Found by the Sailor Animates, Lisa is saved by a mysterious man that is revealed to be Yoshiro Miyamae. Taken to a strange dimension, Lisa finds out that she is a Senshi and discovers her unique power. She joins the Time Defenders as a C-Rank under the Pluto Squad. However,… Read More

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Asterin Blackbeak, the last survivor of the Blackbeak clan, has a hard time, expressing hatred to the Valg demons that destroyed her family and friends. From now on, in the modern Tokyo, she is on a desirable mission to find a Valg that has been hosting the human body. Until… Read More
Book crosses over between Nic Bentley's CFD series. A mystery, but also related with fire, as the book crosses Nic Bentley's Chicago Fire Department series and the Chicago police department.. Read More
Hilarious, thought-provoking and entirely re-readable, it's the book every tween, teen and mentally-14 grownup must read! If you're looking for a book that will take your mind off your problems, you're on the right page. Nina will not only get you to see the humour in your chaos, she will… Read More

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A year has passed since the deaths of a woman and her brother at the hands of a crime syndicate. The spirit of the Crow has resurrected her to enact her vengeance, but she realizes that she can't do it alone. The new Crow will soon learn that she is… Read More
A lonely captain of the United States Air Force and part of one of the most top secret facilities on Earth find herself after five years being kidnapped, tortured, and put in slavery far worse than anything she could have imagined. Will she make it through it all even though… Read More
This is an extremely goofy crossover of "Dragonball Z" and "Sesame Street", in which Vegeta and Goku get unwittingly caught up in an episode of "Elmo's World". I wrote this when I was about 14 and immediately forgot all about it. Then, 5 years later, my college roommate and I… Read More
my life as an ongoing auto biography Read More

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Follow Sergeant Stryker and his squad as they find themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong world. Read More
Finn the human is bored. Whats this box? Join him on his journey to rescue princesses Rhyme and Reason. Inspired by Norton Juster's book "The Phantom Tollbooth" Read More
Monster X Lupin III crossover - Inspector Heinrich Lunge is assigned to a case to capture the famous theif, Lupin III. He must collaborate with a local Inspector to bring him to justice and save valuable artifacts. Read More
When Merlin's impoverished, desperate village decides to sacrifice him to the Water God Arthur to end a long drought, they believe that drowning one beautiful boy will save their entire community and bring much-needed rain. Only, Merlin is surprised when he's to be rescued by the Water God instead. Read More

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Based off of old RP’s with one of my first and favorite RP partners. Decided to continue the story. In this fiction, Mako is apart of the equalist movement. The entire thing is based around Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Read More
The Hunger Games tributes and Victors are going to Hogwarts, and this year is a special one; The Triwizard Tournament is being held in Hogwarts. Finnick Odair, Glimmer, and Gloss Krum are this years Champions....Or are they? Read More
WARNING: THERE IS CUSSING TO BE FOUND WITHIN. THAT IS ALL. The life of a character in forced retirement is hard... and getting along in Development Hell is harder. The cast from Hour of the Witch has been let go, 'temporarily until other issues can be sorted out' according to… Read More
The product of cross-breeding limericks and haikus... Read More
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