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this piece is free to interpretation and has no one meaning. each reader will have their own idea of what this piece is about and what it represents to them. feel free to comment and write down what you think, but overall, respect any other opinions you may encounter about… Read More

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Parameters change, people grow together or apart by challenge they face. Where may the ship be sailing to? Read More
A story in progress, about a city with no emotion, and one mans travel through life, exploring the circle of human emotion, and exploring the truths of life. Read More
A story about a spoiled pretty boy who, with one act of disobedience, falls into a magical world of strange and wondrous creatures. There he is compelled to start a journey that will take him through sorrow and joy, vengeance and redemption, death and life, in order to get himself… Read More
It's up to you if you will choose the wrong way to be happy or choose the right way with all the pain in your heart. Read More

Poem / Romance

October 14, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

I was studying Electronics for tomorrow's exam, but I was disrupted by a poem. It came into my head by itself, and I had to write it down, to make it stop bothering me. So, here it is. Hope you like! Read More

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