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Thought I would try my hand at a Haiku. Read More

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I was digging through some old archives and found this little guy hiding in the corner. This was an old assignment for one of my English classes. The assignment was to create an epilogue for the play "The Crucible" based on the perspective of one of the characters. I'm actually… Read More
This is the Introduction to the fantasy adventure "The Three Nations". Originally "The Crucible: Three Nations". An amateur short story in progress about one mysterious hero, Dern Dune, who has an apprehended ability to wield a powerful weapon no other can that won a glory of crusade. An evil that… Read More
This is from the story the crucible. This poem is from John to Abigail, He is saying how sorry he was for the she feels about him. Read More
Just a quick little thing I did because I was bored. (Uh, duh my army is based off of the United States Marines... The BEST damn fighting force of men on the planet. )Anyway, this is the background for the army that I play, like it, hate it, meh. Read More
A poem I wrote after reading The Crucible. Hope you enjoy it. Read More
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