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The local cops are baffled by the murder of a millionaire - by dog collar. Read More
Dale is an average teenager who walks his dad's dog, watches "CSI", likes to talk to himself and hates his neighbors (but that doesn't make him a bad guy). But will peer pressure lead Dale and his girlfriend; Sarah to experience their first sexual encounter!? Enjoy! Read More
Ok I got this idea for a crime sort story being my / our first attempt i will admit i got a little confused i sort of have a 1950's style of cop then bounce to csi type please forgive this and i hope you enjoy the story anyway :) Read More
I generally don't write fan fiction, but I had this idea. Not to be taken seriously. Rated PG 13 for naughty language Read More
In the second episode, there is a crazy man going around NSV murdering drug dealers, and Shane, Kenny and Iona have to do something about it. Read More
CSI Minds And Order is a parody of pretty much all police, detective etc, shows out there. This show stars Shane Dawson, the handsome, suave detective with his effective one-liners and ability to suck all humanity our of any situation. It also stars his partner Kenny, an abuse-prone, apparently clueless… Read More
Aaron Stokes has terrible luck. After a brutal break up in Denver, he decides he needs to get away. He goes to Las Vegas to visit his older brother, Nick, and while in the lab, he meets the cute, funny, quirky lab tech, Greg Sanders. There is an instant click… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite used to be just a saying. Now, it's a warning. Read More
Darcy loved her work. She loved the bloody details, her team, and most of all putting criminals away. She never expected to have interns and horrifying cases thrown at her. Not to mention the pain in the ass government detective, Clay, assigned to her department. She loved and hated it… Read More
A crime novel intertwined with love and horror Read More
Part 2 of Dealing With The Death Card ... a visual book ... cross between CSI, Supernatural, and Spawn Read More
Two killings, one disappearing body ... Part 1 of Dealing With The Death Card ... a visual book ... cross between CSI, Supernatural, and Spawn Read More
A Trick-ster traps two brothers in Tv land for 24 hrs until they relize that they have to play there roles in the Apocolypse Luke starring as Lucifer and Landon starring as the Archangel Micheal. Read More
Lt Commander Sheriff's Deputy Kaci Casey Parker reluctantly agrees to work for her twin sister Brittany Cole. Her twin is the sheriff in a small town in Blue Cove, Georgia. Brittany was just reelected; she almost got defeated by Zachary McNeal. Brittany needs two new deputies in command positions. The… Read More
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