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This is my entry for Lady Blacks shapes competition. It is based on Egyptian Mythology and the God Osiris. There a parallels with the the christian belief in heaven and The father, Son and Holy Spirit (Osiris, Horus and Isis) The shape is cube, the sytle of the poem is… Read More

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May 11, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

It's about a kid trapped in a series of rooms and seemingly alike, can he find his way out? Read More
It's meant to be read to this song: Read More
This is a portal fan fiction, Chelley to be exact. Chell returns to Aperture upon realizing that civilization has fallen apart. GLaDOS has brought Wheatly back from space, in need of test subjects. Chaos ensues... Read More
This is a review of Nissan as a company, and it focuses on one of it's newer cars, the Nissan Cube. Read More
I've always wanted to align a rubix cube but unlike Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness, I haven't managed to align one. I feel the same way about myself sometimes and that's what this poem is about... Read More
have you ever solved a rubik's cube then you might know the answers to your life Read More
its only an R as i think i went a bit OTT on the swearing. This is one of my much more recent works. Scarlett is a girl, totally inoccent and unaware of her father's rather sinister profession. She has grown up in Eden. She is a blue. And Tommorrow,… Read More
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