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The third in a series of murder mystery style short stories! --Please give honest feedback-- Read More

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Robin Blakemoore escaped a serial kidnapper and killer five years ago. Has he returned to finish what he started? Read More
Bella's sister moved to Candlewood Valley five years ago. Three months ago she disappeared, missing without a single trace. Speaking to the local authorities brings only further questions rather than answers as it seems everyone is hiding something so Bella decides to take matters into her own hands by moving… Read More
Ray and Danny find themselves back in Keyport to again face the evil that drove them away and tore them apart a few years earlier. In this installment of the Keyport series the stage is set for what could be the final face off between the town and the Ancient… Read More
Growing in a cult as a kid known as Avalon was not easy for me. This is the story of how I stayed in a cult for four years of my life and how wonderful it was for me how being of something so magical until it wasn't anymore and… Read More
This is the first part of a three-part series about a Woman's experience with a Religious Cult. Book One tells us how she and her family were introduced to a cult when she was 11 years old. How would a family that has everything they need become interested in a… Read More
After tragedy strikes close to home Atarah (Arlana) has to confront the demons from her past. Both Josiah and Atarah must find their footing once again. Is faith enough to carry them in their darkest moments? Their worlds having been shaken to its foundation and they are at a fork… Read More

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December 29, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Please note: This book is not suitable for younger readers and will contain some material which may be distressing. This book has been inspired by the following video. Cover image: Houssam Korichi on Unsplash. Read More
Charles Manson became the most infamous killer in the history of American crime. He was America's answer to the other most famed killer, Jack the Ripper. But history revisionism began as soon as the Manson story was revealed in December of 1969. Information wasn't available like it is today, and… Read More
An archaeologist in Greece makes a side trip to visit a re-enactment Read More

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He goes by many names. He is a cult survivor, a cult junkie, a cult leader... and he is responsible for the suicides of millions. Read More

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When demons from Hell suddenly appear in England, a lone drifter appears along with them, slaying the monsters with a sword of unimaginable power. A man of questionable character and morals aimlessly wandering, having lost all purpose in life. Until now... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

cover Image: Read More
Wynter has spent her entire young life behind a chain-link fence in the middle of the Arizona desert. Her search for love starts the day she escapes on a bus with nothing but an address and her sister's instructions to forget the past and embrace the world outside. Knocking on… Read More

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December 29, 2018

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The Abandoned House

Join the Cult of Nobody and be special. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lets look at the strange facts of this individual shall we. Anyone else would be locked up forever. ( This is just a little humor folks. No hate mail or reviews please ) Read More
A ritual sacrifice transpires with a twist. Read More
The story of a horrific cult in 1850s America. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bestsellers can emerge from real life paranormal horror at a vulnerable age.... Read More
A short story about why I find it difficult to believe in God; I'd still like to! But this shit makes me sick :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Parallels? Read More

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Our driver is a witness of a strange crime, a chase ensues. He confronts the killer and ends up in a strange situation. What happened to Mrs. Johnson? Read More
Jack always thought living with his overprotective parents was hell, but their true intentions were hell indeed. Read More
An asshole bad girl named Max Smith finds love, friends, and murder. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Short Story / Other

November 24, 2017

A brief tale depicting the final crusade of a tribe enslaved to the rules of their obnoxious leader. Read More
A prostitute met a very strange client and after that day, darkness follows and entered her life. "The Beginning" is a prequel story of "Satan's Puppet" and "The Follow". Read More

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The House of Ghosts House

Life carries on... Read More

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