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A young girl shares her story; she is Native American. Read More
How did they all come together from the different corners of the earth? Where did the adventure begin? It could be said that it all started to come together in the Occident, as they traveled for the exotic land of Twarlot Twarlot; a nation once lead by their Priest-King had… Read More
Forgotten cultural mythology brought to light. Read More

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Imagine being asked to emcee an event. You read out someone's name, it is male, but you see a female in that recipient. How embarrassing! What a lesson. Now that you have an idea, why not read more? Enjoy. Let me know what you think. :) Read More
In my town there is much racism from people that think they can do no wrong. In my town I see a man almost everyday, I call him cross man. The preacher carries a large cross to the freeway and holds it for hours. His way to touch peoples lives… Read More
This is a poem about the unfair displacement and eventual destruction of the Native American Indians' way of Life. Just like the Australian Aboriginals, and the Aztects to name a few... Their way of life was condemned and destroyed by the greed of man, as they seeked to expand and… Read More
Mankind has only two choices after science and technology renders the species utterly obsolete and incapable of survival in the future. One choice compels humanity to submit body and soul to a sinister supernatural civilisation, whilst the other impels mankind to submit to a utopian bioengineering paradigm. The first choice… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is set in a place that I lived, Abu Dhabi (in the U.A.E.) It is set in the same house that I lived in but the characters are all made up. It is a teen romance with a cultural twist. Hope you enjoy it! Read More
A funny story based on real events at my dreadful jobs. I hope that there is some kind of deeper meaning here too, but hey, at least my job exposes me to some characters! Read More

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Perhaps the revulsion to free cultures is due more to that fact that one still lives in the box. Read More
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