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Twenty-four year old Dolly Vandevender has always felt as if something is just…missing, from her life. She has always been a strange and unnervingly spaced-out individual, with a wanderlust she can’t seem to quench within the confines of her tiny hometown. When her grandmother dies and she is left to… Read More
that poor baby boy was cursed from the moment his momma and pop conceived him. he never stood a chance in the small confinements of school and home; let alone the real world where he would be off on his own. Read More

Tags: romance, magic, curses

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The Booksie Classic House

One day, Persephone, Greek goddess of springtime, is walking around in the forest at the base of Mount Olympus. She comes upon an object. A necklace? How strange.......... Read More
I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate. Read More

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The Review Chain House

A stuck up sorority sister learns a harsh lesson. Read More
I wrote this, in 2010. It's part of my 10th lyric set, Inception Of The Omega. Read More
charles talbot has had a successful life as a solicitor in england, but has been a monster to his family. he's been protected from an old curse by a magical talisman, but once that talisman is broken, he and his entire family suddenly feel the power of the old curse… Read More
Kalitiz has been a warrior all her life. Cursed with immortality as a punishment for her deeds, she is trying to find a way to break this curse. Will the gods ever forgive her, or will she remain alone in her suffering? Read More
This is my second contest for Booksie :) Read More
A land under a curse that hid it for a thousand years, then for one night the barrier that hides it falls. That one night a car crashes and a woman falls through the barrier, disorientated she wanders nearly into danger. Two knights, brothers find her. Together can they break… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 01, 2015

There is a book that can grant any spell imaginable, but it can only be used once, then it disappears from this dimension. Malhavoc's job is to find this book and retrieve it for his demonic lord. Read More
The year is 1886. A man is searching for treasure inside an old abandoned mansion. But little does he know, there's a dark secret waiting for him within it's crumbling walls. Read More
Sometimes your hopes and dreams can become nightmares. Read More
The “Khamsa hand” motif was an apt element to feature in Curse Me Not, my novel about a woman who can see people’s auras and clean revenge curses from those auras. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Gremlins, Gargoyles, Vampires, and Witches are just part of a days work for Alex. Being born into a town brimming with dark secrets and endless mystery it was no surprise that Alex found himself training under his father to be the balance between the world humans knew and the supernatural… Read More
Excerpt from Chapter 12 of the novel, Curse Me Not, by Elizabeth Fisher Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hooo, this was by far the longest story to date. Not going to lie, there are several things that are fairly offensive to people in here (not central to the story mind you, just making fun of stereotypes to myself and a friend). Cassandra was meant to be another villain… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rayne may seem like a normal detective, but secretly, he takes on jobs as the notorious assassin, Phantom. However, a call from a mysterious client landed him a job that caused him trouble in more ways than one. Read More
As Eveline's ninth birthday approaches, she breaks the number one rule she was told growing up. After breaking this rule Eveline sets out with her sister Martha to make amends. However, the sisters become separated after an encounter with slave traders and both find themselves faced with undesirable circumstances. The… Read More
I am being awakened in the night with "people" leaning over and staring at me. One time I believe that I had a spell on me. Read More
(Excerpt) "She's a mess," I thought to myself. "If only I was able to move out and live somewhere else forever, then maybe her life wouldn't be so bad." Little did I know then that "forever" would be the word that would bend and change my fate. Read More
A fantasy style series based around Greek mythology, Athena's descendants is the new Harry Potter ft. Percy Jackson. Quests, monsters and confusing mystery must be overtaken in this thrilling series following twelve ring bearers as they try to fill their destiny as protectors of Olympus and save the earth from… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story centering around a young man by the name of Dein and his friends. They start out as students at The Academy but not long before they graduate their land is thrown into turmoil and war breaks out. After they complete their training they take it upon themselves to… Read More

Book / Romance

November 16, 2012

Its about a girl who must saved a cursed kingdom and their pronce Read More

Tags: love, curses, princes

The house is burning, falling apart; there is the shriek of terror ringing throughout the building. Kevin Layn runs around in the burning house to find his only friend that he can trust, Mei Misaki. The students are killing one another, trying to survive from the secret of the class…… Read More
It's been six months since an enraged witch cast a horrible curse on Chizuru. She used to be an A-List exorcist with many heroic deeds under her belt, but now she spends her days finding belts to fit her new 11 year old frame. With the help of her demon… Read More
this is a fantasy novel i have started writing if i get good feed back i will write more of it and post it Read More
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