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My entry for a writing contest from the Booksie Publishing House. Read More

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The sequel to Dark Dweller. Upon his release, Arden (now Aiden) has found a new home with a familiar face. One day Aiden gets replaced, and he and his owner set out to see the world. Is it a good idea, or will the costs be too high? Read More

Book / Science Fiction

December 25, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

"Funny, I was expecting a literal monster. I was told that you tear people apart so that was why you were put in a secure room. You don't seem like an aggressive man. Not to mention you are quite handsome for a creature based off of a monster, both in… Read More
What happens when Artificial Intelligence starts asking about what rights they have? In futuristic, sci-fi horror, cyborgs become self-aware. They demand equal footing with humans. When the companies treat them as property, how far will cyborgs go to change society? Read More
What is exactly a cyborg? A cyborg is a bionic human, a being that is part human and part machine, or a machine that looks like human being. Here we will talk about a cyborg assassin from the future called a Terminator. Arnold is the Terminator sent to the past… Read More
1st Sergeant Kozak a special operations soldier who finds himself in the middle of a tug of war between two warring alien factions. His importance to them and their methods to obtaining his hidden power plunges him into a journey that lets him see through the eyes of the very… Read More
Lysander had been inside of the lab for as long as he could remember; which isn't very far back considering his first memory is waking up in the lab. Read More
a brief over view of master chiefs armor. Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

September 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

A man wakes up in a dark hospital room, discovering that he is half metal. Hours later, a balding man enters with two guards, and the balding man questions him. He learns that his name is Cybrex, deciding to follow the man out in hope of learning more about how… Read More
Because I like DC way more then I like Marvel, I wrote this poem after writing the one about the Avengers. I do not own the rights to any of the characters that are included in this poem (You can thank Detective Comics (DC) for that). Enjoy! Read More
A cyborg contemplates the atrocities he made. Read More
Who doesn't love Teen Titans? Well, since they wouldn't bring back the original show, I decided to make my own! This is a story about our hero's journeying back to Starfire's home planet, Tamaran, to save all those she loves so dear! Along with a little added romance between some… Read More
A teenage girl called Ruby has been given to a doctor who needs people to experiment with to create the perfect war machine. His tactics are not the best. She is counted as a fail and thrown out with no memory of anything and a demon called Angel to help… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Callan Soloman, a traveler, making his way through futuristic desolated America finds himself in the town of Sloane. There he finds a beautiful mysterious woman. When he's faced with making a decision that goes against his very nature, he finds out that she isn't exactly what he's used to. In… Read More
mili’s been dead for four years now, and Sheikoh still can’t let her go. All he has left is her little sister, Dorothi. And as time goes by, it gets harder and harder to keep her safe from his dark world – a world of gangsters and blood, where he’s… Read More
Glitches by Marissa Meyer Read More
The first story in a series of short stories that I'm writing, keep an eye out for the next story Father Prosperity Read More
The story is always the same. Flaming red hair. A bowler hat. A fast gun. A corpse. Almeida, known as "Bad News" to the authorities, is a deadly idealist with a vengeful hunger for justice. She's not proud of the blood on her hands, but who else is going to… Read More
Juno Martinez was in love with a woman he had known all his life - a life that was just beginning, but not with her. He encounters a being from another world, and another time, slowly taking her place. A being with a mission and a promise. The story takes… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Raven is sent into the darkness, thanks to the return of Terra. When Starfire and Robin agree to breakup so Raven can date Robin, which will hopefully pull Raven out of her depression. But what happens when Raven finds out? And what will she say when Robin admits to falling… Read More
The world is dead. So am I. I must do the mission I was made for. I must kill the men that ruined this world and took my lover. Read More
Part 2/3 5-Saffron-N-Dakota is a machine that once embodied the traits of humanity, brought out of stasis to fulfill one final mission. Will he succeed? And what will the price of his success be? Read More
Ahuri Bashlure, a former mercenary sergeant is now a fugitive - wanted by a covert agency known as the Represnative Sphere. On the run from planetary assassins, Ahuri ends up on a distant planet with no rescue in sight - instead he has a chance meeting with a Mecha Breaker… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

December 20, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Everybody has a routine, a pattern in which they go through life. Cobry Austins, a robotically enhanced neo-soldier, lived life on a schedule for as long as he could remember. But after a series of unusual events surrounding a late night escapade away from his military base, he soon discovers… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Year is 2562. Things are different now. As usual, fashion, culture, and people change. But ever since The Accident in 2552, people have gotten more paranoid, the governments have gotten more secretive, and the amount of conspiracies has skyrocketed; the largest one being the Neo-Soldier Program. *~*~*~* Cobry Austins,… Read More
The Year is 2562. Things are different now. As usual, fashion, culture, and people change. But ever since The Accident in 2552, people have gotten more paranoid, the governments have gotten more secretive, and the amount of conspiracies has skyrocketed; the largest one being the Neo-Soldier Program. **** Cobry Austins,… Read More
Here is a pronunciation guide for some of the names of DTP, plus a reference guide to the types of Dolls that are mentioned in the novel. Read More
Due to Booksie's funky formatting, many of the chapters are a bit mixed up. I am attempting to fix them all, but it is a very slow process. You can still read them if you wish, but please know that at the moment, the only chapters that are without fault… Read More
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