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t-3 awakens in a town that isn’t all as it seems. the people are strange and he’s suppose to protect them from the fiends of the night. his reoccurring memories began to make him question whether any of it is even real. Read More

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a cyborg from space help's defend earth from a millennium old monster known as orion. (worst summary ever) Read More

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"Perfect. That was the word they used to describe me, the perfect cyborg. But, as we've all come to know, there is no such thing as perfect. We all have flaws that make us all slaves to something. You, Mason my friend, are a slave to good, Nadia a slave… Read More

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The following short stories are about the odd types of heroes. Heroes come usually in glorified forms and invoke enthusiasm from the admirers. But in reality those heroes we relate to might be far from having a happy ending or a noble purpose. They come closer to resemble war donkeys.… Read More
my first story to have a cool name. Read More
Future warfare story Read More

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Fifteen minutes and twenty seconds after the destruction of the human race in an event known as 'Freedom', its reluctant destroyer is returned to life. As he comes to terms with the gravity of his actions, and his relations with the people he used to work with to unwittingly bring… Read More
I wrote this for school earlier, part of it is based on Mass Effect 3. Read More
This is the second book of the series. Inside the escape pod the four wait to be picked up. However the group is in horrible shape and not working at all together. Bad blood continues to spill between Jubie and Erics. Skye lays on the floor bleeding out, and some… Read More
Welcome to the Modern Saints Clubhouse. On a new world where the last surviving people from Old Earth are kids the fight for survival and the continuity of the species is on. Read More
Welcome to the Modern Saints Clubhouse. Tried to post this in chapters in a novel but it wouldn't work. So I will be posting the groupings of chapters separate from each other. Read More
An old man obsessed, a night like no other...What length would he go to gain something lost? Read More

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The EGO OF COOL is a hardboiled thriller set 45 minutes into a future manipulated by deception, desperation, and despair. THE COP: Officer Vickey Worthey works 4 the nearly unstoppable Gov-Corp monstrosity called the Truth Maintenance System. The last Work Order went bad, real bad. It got her killed, a… Read More
You don't want Miranda Warnings on your tail! She investigates annoying newspaper advertisements for a secret government agency. Once she's on your trail, she won't stop until you've been brought to justice. We join her and her motley crue of strange friends on her second case, which dates back to… Read More
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