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song lyric about D-Day, the largest seaborne invasion in history. Read More
A young couple becomes engaged in high school, and they later decide to postpone the wedding until the boy has served in the military (during World War II). Read More
Corporal Alan Johnson stuggles to get past the horrors of war in this story of courage in a darkest hour. Read More
I was inspired to write this poem while watching Saving Private Ryan recently. It is from the viewpoint of a mother who lost her son in D-Day and is standing at his grave. I dedicate this poem to all of the soldiers who fought in the Battle of D-Day… Read More
This a book wrote by two people. We work on it every day and it is basically a secret side to was the U.S. had. Yes we know some of the guns were invented later but the U.S. was secretly hiding it. Every week will post a new page! Read More

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Bernard is eighty nine years old and wishes he could be in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations. Based on a true story. Read More

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A Dutch civilian is recruited at the end of world war II, he is sent to omaha beach. What he doesn't know is that the Allies will attack the next day. Read More
The second poem I wrote for a war poetry contest. It started out as a poem about a Blue Angels show I saw, and turned into something inspired heavily by Band of Brothers. This one has not been revised yet. Read More
a very much wanted book by some i hope yall enjoy for it has taken me many years to write and this is just a piece of my book oohhh yeah sorry for the typeo's there will be quite a few... Read More

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A unit of US soldiers storms Omaha beach on D-Day. Read More
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