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Come, sit on the bench, with us do converse, Paint a picture beautiful or do write a verse. Stars on sky, flowers in garden are our Universe, Good bye my friend and please again traverse. Read More

Short Story / Fan Fiction

November 18, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Megan Combs is the typical 18 year old girl she's beautiful but to herself she's just oridinary she's 18 and she works as a cashier at Target she lives with her friend Dahlia Williams in an apartment because they don't have much money Dahlia is a bit older than Megan… Read More
This is a prequel to two other books that I have written(one is published and the second one will be soon)the prequel deals with the rise and fall of Domenico Caprini, the Italian pop star, the reader will see him go from a poor teenager to a pop superstar, with… Read More

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