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Ever heard of something called "Another chance in life"? well, this is it. Read More

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It is a story about understanding "you". Read More

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Poem / Romance

September 06, 2021

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Are You Coming Home? It's Her Story Read More
is that the last daisy? Read More

Poem / Humor

February 24, 2020

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What could very well happen if you don't know your flowers. Read More

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On a rainy day in Montgomery, Alabama. Two childhood friends reunite after being separated by long years of personal trials. Read More

Short Story / Humor

August 25, 2015

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short story of a Daisy and a Bachelor Button..and their friendship which opened up a whole new world..... Read More
Daisy Lillith Helland was never a firm believer in magic, but she had always wished that it was real. Despite how sweet that sounded, it wasn't just so she could see faeries or unicorns. No, she wanted to be the Evil Queen of quiet Hemlock, Massachusetts, and to join her… Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 06, 2015

daisy my mum always mowed around them as she said well they look so pretty Read More
Description of the ocean for my english class Read More
Daisy la bailarina está escondida en un club de la competencia al Lazo Verde. Ha cambiado de nombre ahora es Bella.Pero su vida no es fácil Read More

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Daisy, a top-classed wizard, thinks that he is a very normal person. Due to his parents changing of job, their family have to move to a different place and and having Daisy to transfer out of school, a school of wizardry, to a very normal high school. Read More
Think Beau and Luke, Daisy and Boss Hogg! Watch out. It's about to get ugly. Read More
Gothic Romance. Fiction. Gothic verion of Rapunzel. I wrote this myself. Lauren Kate's Fallen series was my inspiration. I give credit to Lauen Kate for all Fallen references. I give credit to Fernanda Brussi for the photo but the editing (mask bokeh and text) are my doing. One out of… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 09, 2012

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An old poem I found while flicking through my notebooks Read More
Daisy is a mother out for revenge. What will she do once she realizes she has nothing else to lose? Read More

Book / Romance

July 10, 2012

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We were six. Our world consisted of our backyard and the elementary school we went to. And that was when I fell in love with her. Read More

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Zayn Malik from One Direction is noticed on a beach by curious fan Daisy Read More
A piece i wrote in year seven for a competition. Not my best but i like to revisit old stories, especially the ones that have a lot of truth in them. Please comment and/or read my other stuff! :) Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 28, 2012

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The Witches and Wizards are running out of Famaliers! They have to adopt regular animals instead. But something goes horribly wrong! So Sophie, a brave cat, Noodle, a unusual poodle, Tom, a know-it-all tree-frog and, Daisy, a little egg, have to go out on a journey to find the lost… Read More

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I wrote this in dedication to the memory of the great Jay Gatsby. Daisy is the narrator but I wrote her narration in such a way that indulges us as readers as to why she didn't choose Gatsby, giving us perhaps, a different view of her. Initially I wrote this… Read More

Book / Horror

May 26, 2011

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Daisy is 15. He parents were both murdured, and she was next in line. Unfortunatally for her, she was caught. Fortunatly for her, she wasn't killed. Her murderer carries her body around and does whatever he pleases to her. He doesn't know she's alive, and she's doing her best to… Read More

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In the spinoff of The Perfect Heartbreak, Daisy is making Matt go to counseling with her, and most of the sessions he's by himself and starting from the very beginning. Will he and Daisy last? Read More

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She is trapped in her favorite place, shells exploding all around her. She will not make it. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

December 30, 2010

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Vampire diaries fan fiction, with a hint of other stuff. Read More
Chester has always kept to himself and been a shy quiet guy. His family is really religious and filled with values and beliefs that he has never questioned. When a new girl moves into town, the daughter of a singer, he finds that things take a turn and everything is… Read More
Daisy Michelle Ames her mother is overprotective, her father is a workaholic, she needs to keep a 4.0 gpa or else she'll just die, and on top of that she needs to start figuring out what kind of love life she's going to lead. let's just hope her entire life… Read More

Article / Non-Fiction

September 23, 2010

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How I saved a cat's life. Read More
Just a little something from a dream I had. I hope you like it! Read More

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Miscellaneous / Romance

February 06, 2010

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Everybody wants a prince. Read More
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