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An interesting twist about the innocence of youth mustering the courage to battle powerful corrupt Dallas County politicians in later life. No one can deprive us of our childhood dreams, even if we grow up in poverty. Looking back, it is now clear that those dreams would serve as a… Read More

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September 04, 2020

"In the case of involuntary manslaughter, the jury finds you guilty....." Imagine you have everything you could ever ask for and in the blink of an eye it's all taken from you and now you are facing serious jail time. Stacey thought she was finally free from her ex Patrick… Read More
The FourTrax Rancher is one of the most versatile ATV’s on the market. The Honda Rancher’s durability, toughness, and dependability are all incredible aspects of this ATV, but the characteristic that sets the Rancher apart from the rest is the ability to choose from a huge range of Rancher options,… Read More

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The CBR250R brings motorcyclists an innovative approach to riding, one that’s both appealing and fun. Beginners and experienced hands alike will recognize the economy and extreme versatility of this sporty little ride. Equipped with a very efficient 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine featuring a sophisticated four-valve DOHC cylinder head, counterbalancer, and… Read More

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There is a war between humans and a race of aliens. The humans have intercept plans from the aliens and send out a mission to stop the aliens at all costs. Read More
This story is about a 16 year old girl called Katisha, she lived with her father who didn’t care about her at all and was a drug and alcohol addict. He had gone broke and had no money what so ever and was in no shape to get a job… Read More
I speculate 3 steps to turn The Dallas Mavericks into a title contender without signing a super star this summer. Read More
Sierra Web is a twelve, almost thirteen, year old girl who has been broken and abandoned. At such a young age, she has experienced more tragedies and heartbreak than anyone ever should. Everyday she wishes to be adopted, but nobody seems to want her. Why would anybody want a preteen… Read More
His name is Jase Reed. He's been a victim of bullying since elementary school. He's survived and conquered many problems throughout his nineteen years of living. He has Demi Lovato to thank for everything. He says that she is the reason he's still standing today, even if she doesn't know… Read More
Cam is a future NHL star Maya is a band geek Can love be found *DONT OWN *Please tell me what you think Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Natalia is in her last year of high school. Everything in her life is going according to her plan. Her friends are alongside her, she's working hard for her grades, and there is just the right amount of drama in her life. If she has it her way she’ll even… Read More
A story about a trio of disasters that hit the great Texan city of Dallas. Follows the mayor and a female survival store owner through the tragic events that destroyed their city. Read More
Kate and her cousin Michael go back in time from 2011 to 1965, where they meet a group of greasers. Read More
This is an Inside Information about my Rockabilly 1954/59 CD. Bob "Git it" Kelly Read More
Erin Locke is a vampire just turning 18 and she thinks she has it all, a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, but one werebear threatens to take it all away from her Read More
A woman tries out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad. Read More
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There's a new girl on the street, her name is Alice, She's 17 years old and she used to be a 'Soc' but to tell you the truth, she was a greaser at heart. She didn't wear those preppy skirts, or button up shirts. She would wear jeans and a… Read More
Samantha Dills was a stright A student with a future so bright. Moving to Dallas,Texas was a change for the family ,but one person would make the change worse. "When or if I ever leave here I will never do the same mistake twice." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

COMPLETED Sapphire beleives she is the only female werewolf, but never suspects that it just doesnt add up. Only after everyone dies and she's shipped off and then runs away, deep in the forest, talking to a teenage fairy prince, does she learn hat she isnt a werewolf. the symptoms… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Basically this is a fan ficiton about Dallas Winston, from Outsiders by S.E Hinton. I do NOT own most of these characters! Read More
Barney the Dinosaur versus Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo -- charm beats smarm any day. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story in 1st person about a zombie apocalypse [NOT FINISHED] Read More
I wrote these for a creative writing class and thought they were pretty creative, not to be arrogant or anything. Please enjoy. Read More
Mary James lived a lovely life in Chicago. That is, until her father got a new job and she had to leave Chicago and her best friend behind. Once arriving in Dallas, Mary meets many people that impact her life in very unexpected ways. Walk with Mary as she learns… Read More
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