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My entry for the Review Chain contest. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Poem / Humor

March 30, 2020

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The A Home For Poetry House

Taraxacum officinale - also know as the Dandelion from the French 'Dent de Lion' meaning lion's tooth. You learn something new everyday. If you wish to learn more please follow this link: http://www.naturenorth.com/summer/dandelion/Dandelion2.html Read More
Enter the world of a young boy in his grandmother's back yard. Read More

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Cat ripping a dandelion in half. Read More
The sequel to Dandelion. It follows the life of Charles Jefferson after his high school crush moves away. Read More

Poem / Other

April 14, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Wish upon the humble dandelion Read More
The story of Charles Jefferson and his high school crush. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What happens to you when you die? Do you ever get a chance to come back to the living world again? Ian, Mark, Gael, Arwen and Noa are about to find this out. Now follow Mr. Elif into the world of a life worth Enigma. Read More
"It was in this field of dandelions that I wished for my husband to die." Candis thought she could withstand her abusive marriage to Peter. But when she gives birth to a sweet little girl, she makes a wish with her. Will it come true? Read More
A family's adaptation to a new country through the daughter Esma's eyes. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aden's sister is sick. This will be her last spring. *for whenpencilmeetspaper's contest* Read More
How I Became Who I Am is a novel written by Dandelion212 and her friend on another online game, Vannresa. It was planned carefully, about a girl who discovers that she is a fairy, and finds her true self. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I looked out the window and had to look twice, i found myself staring at a tiny creature on the other side of the yard. Although i was mistaken at first i decided it'd be good material. Read More
A Dandelion thinks he is a flower and other things in the garden try to tell him that he is a weed Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 21, 2009

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About wishing on dandelions. Read More

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A little something I wrote a while back for a contest. The rules were to tell a story in three sentences, with a beginning middle and end. I didn't win anything in the conest but was still quite proud with my entry, so I thought I would post it here… Read More
This poem is best read as separate stanzas=separate poems the first time you read it...then go back and read it as one long poem. These were random thoughts compiled into one story. Enjoy! =) ? Read More
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