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Zombies :p also if you have an issue with gays don't read Read More
Bree did something wrong that would haunt her for a lifetime, she now lives in guilt and pain, a dark hole agony. Is putting a end to her life an option, or does she have other options that leave her a future with just a little spark...? Read More

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Blaire Dane was just and ordinary 16 year old girl. She had the typical boy issues, teenage drama, and great friends and family to come home to. But what will she do when her city goes on lock-down and the man she thought she hated, goes missing? Find out how… Read More
Lana has magic, she's a witch, she thinks she's just an average witch, but she's destined either to safe or destroy the world Her sister Nina knows but refuses to let Lana know, so Lana is kept away from other witches Read More
Bobby Pendragon is called back to the game playing territory of Quillan. Only, this time, he meets up with a girl named Layra. Once again, he finds himself a Challenger in the Quillan Games at the mercy of the game masters, Veego and LaBerge. The games and challenges have grown… Read More
An apocalyptic tale of dark dominion and heavenly redemption. In the east of Europe, in the fourth decade of the twentieth century, an unnamed leader of a nation languishes in a sanatorium, bound to his bed, pronounced insane. His wrists are bandaged and his head is filled with nightmare visions… Read More

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