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The Booksie Classic House

Music Picks is a Gang that first started as a small scandal, but grew as a large gang, escalating from pick-pockets to dealing with illegal substances and firearms. Music Picks is run by a guy known as Street Speaker, who will not hesitate to end anyone who gets in his… Read More
Isidore’s friend entered the dark, forbidding garden but never came out. Was his friend murdered? Read More
The man is a passenger on a plane. Where did he come from? Where is he going? Read More

Tags: adventure, danger

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August 06, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Two soldiers sacrifice themselves. Read More

Tags: secrets, war, danger

Poem / Poetry

July 04, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Who are you that you should let the enemy come and take away your land? My poem. Read More
Man living alone in an isolated area thinks he has witnessed a crime in progress and is vaguely threatened by the well-connected perpetrators. Read More
His life is in danger. He has to get away somehow. It looks like there is only one way 0ut... Read More
a recovering alcoholic confronts his demons and finds redemption via an act of bravery. Read More
His life is in danger. He has to get out somehow. He seems to be under enemy surveilance... Read More
Trigger Warning: Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, vaping, death Teenage girl Eve Turner is declared dead after her friend watches her fall off of a bridge and into a river, and the body is nowhere to be found. Little does anyone know, Eve is very much so alive, for now. Meeting… Read More
A man must confront fog throughout his life. Read More

Tags: romance, danger, fog

An author struggles with writer's block. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A husband and wife enjoy and also get into trouble in New York City. Read More
A man and his boss find themselves in more trouble than they ever expected. Read More

Tags: romance, danger

There is a rebellion of some sort. Is he or is he not to participate? How in the world can he decide? Read More
His beloved has disappreared. There is a revolt of some sort. What is he to do? Read More
His world seems to be facing a huge change. What is going to be the outcome? Read More
There seems to be some sort of a revolutionary activity in the city. He has lost one of his family members in the chaos. What is he going to do? Read More
They are going on a trip. They are going to join their friends. They are being pursued. Read More
What should have been a routine takeoff from a short West Australian mining strip goes spectacularly wrong. Join me in the cockpit for an adrenalin fuelled ride! Read More
They are going up the mountains. Something terrible has happened. what are they going to do? Read More
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