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Love need to be guarded. My poem. Read More
ITALY, ADVENTURE, DANGER, ACTION, SUSPENSE, THRILLER Two young American tourists, Marsha and Grant, discover diamonds in an Italian Cathedral. Death and danger combine with action and adventure to send them fleeing from the world of diamond smuggling, the Mafia, and the Three Bullet Killer. Read More
If you only had three years to live, and the final two would be spent bedridden and in constant pain - what would you do? Read More
He seems to be all lost in a dream world. Is he dead? Is he in the middle of a nightmare? What is really going on? Read More

Tags: mystery, dream, danger

He has been away for so long. He has just returned to his country. What is waiting for him? Read More

Tags: love, home, danger, mystry

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The Booksie Classic House

"Fire! His eyes were pure fire and everything he looked at burned. I was in direct line of being next!" Emmy's life wasn't perfect but it was about to get worse before it got better. Meeting someone who brought nothing but chaos and danger, Emmy couldn't bring herself to… Read More

Tags: love, loss, fire, danger

He is returning home. He is considered an enemy of the state. What is he supposed to do? Read More

Tags: love, home, danger, mystry

ADVENTURE, DANGER, ACTION, TERRORISTS, SUSPENSE, THRILLER, WHITEOUT Thor, a colossal swirling Polar Vortex whiteout, provides cover for a terrorist convoy of armed personnel carriers and white-clad troops crossing the frozen St. Lawrence River into Canada. By chance, some young men spot the enemy through the shifting curtains of snow. They,… Read More
He is going home now. Whatever is going to happen to him now? Read More
ADVENTURE, DANGER, ACTION, GREAT WHITES, KILLER HOLOGRAMS, MYSTERY, INTRIGUE, INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE Regulations required newlyweds Lorrie, formerly Special Ops, and David, formerly Delta Force, leave the armed forces. They decided to try industrial espionage. On their first assignment, they find some of what they expected; a lot more of what they… Read More
He is traveling. There is someone with him. A girl appears, Who is she? Read More
He is in Rome. Some people seem to be shadowing him. Is that true> Read More

Tags: love, danger, chase, hiding

Her husband was pleased when he knew death was near, he didn’t want to waste time with his wife. But, the wife desired more than a husband. She wanted fear. Read More
A couple get caught in a storm while walking at the beach. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two boys disobey their mothers and go skating on dangerously thin ice. When one boy plunges through the ice, the other boy rescues him. Foiled in their attempt to escape punishment, both boys are forced to wear diapers. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Have You ever thought about the moment when everything You did will be lost in one moment? What will you do if Your life will lose all the meaning? This is the story about Jim Colley, who worked all his life for the company of his dream. And it is… Read More
His life is in danger. What are they planning to do to him? What is he supposed to do to save himself? Read More
Buy it here: https://gilbertzennerbooks.com/product/death-donkeys/ The sun was hot. Burning. The donkeys were drinking from the tiny lake. A flat shallow lake. The water was quite fresh. Emanuel was standing there with the donkeys. He was not too young, he had his life going, he was with the people here. They… Read More
Jack L. Horn just wanted to go home, but a series of odd events have lead him to a strange new town. What’s worse, a strange illness has struck and all lives are in danger... Read More
Tilak Raj is a theologian philosopher. He has started writing novels and screen plays very late in his life. He deals with very serious issues of life and death of the total universe and total mankind in this 21st Century. The main theme of the zetgeist is the confusion and… Read More

Short Story / Humor

September 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

What's going on here? Read More
She is taking her someplace mysterious. What is she planning to do to him? Read More
What are they doing up the tower? Is he going to jump off? What is going to happen next? Read More

Tags: love, danger, paris, bank

He is in a new place. Someone appears out of no where.Is she a police agent or...? Read More
The wise man know what he's saying. My poem. Read More

Tags: danger, enemies, wise

It is very cold and dark. Some people seem to be pursuing them. Who is to help them out? Read More
I guess this is a kids story that is trying to grow up, not sure. --- This started out to be a "Chicken-Little" flash fiction, but that went by the wayside. So this little ditty is what happened instead. Read More

Tags: danger, farm, fog, rooster

The city is covered with heavy snow. They are freezing to death. Can they give up? Read More

Tags: cold, snow, danger, storm

Kevin's dad never should have brought out the Burning Schoolhouse on fireworks night. Read More

Tags: fear, kids, danger, escape

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The Footsteps, yarns and little fibs House

A piglet caught and released becomes a menace Read More

Tags: danger, pig, forests

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