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There is a rebellion of some sort. Is he or is he not to participate? Who is going to help him decide? Read More

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His beloved has disappreared. There is a revolt of some sort. What is he to do? Read More
His world seems to be facing a huge change. What is going to be the outcome? Read More
There seems to be some sort of a revolutionary activity in the city. He has lost one of his family members in the chaos. What is he going to do? Read More
They are going on a trip. They are going to join their friends. They are being pursued. Read More
What should have been a routine takeoff from a short West Australian mining strip goes spectacularly wrong. Join me in the cockpit for an adrenalin fuelled ride! Read More
They are going up the mountains. Something terrible has happened. what are they going to do? Read More
An inexperienced prison guard named Budo finds himself in a deadly situation, when one dark day in November a group of unwanted guests break their way into the facility before effectively taking the place over. Budo must team upon with two dangerous inmates in a desperate bid to escape alive… Read More
They are taking a long, dangerous trip. Something terrible is about to happen to them... Read More
They are going on a trip. The road is winding and dark. There is some kind of an accident.... Read More
They are taking a trip. A mysterious accident has happened. What is really going on? Read More

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This short article is about the consequences of being irresponsible with fireworks Read More

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A poem about our strange relationship with the oceans. Read More
Book 1 Of The Jake Conner Series There is a tree that is lost in endless agony. There are beings with a hunger evil and intent. There are Guardians with hearts pure and strong. This is a tale of Sacrifice and Battle and Love...that will be met with the undeniable… Read More
He is being chased.. He has to find out who is giving reports about him. How can he do that? Read More
Sandra starts over Read More
He is in a jail cell. Why is he there, he does not remember. Whatever has happened? Read More

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They have known each other for quite some time, but they can't trust each other. Whose fault is it? What are they going to do? Read More
They have met unspectedly. Each is suspicious of the other. Who is telling the truth? What is really happening? Read More

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If you only had three years to live, and the final two would be spent bedridden and in constant pain - what would you do? Read More

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Wrong number...usually a person would delete the number, right? A mistaken text leads to blood money and danger. 18+) MATURE Chris Johnson, a gender fluid male, receives a text from a mystery guy who shares a card number. Aware that it's an accident text, he uses the money to his… Read More

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He is in great danger. He has to run away somehow. What is he going to do? Read More

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He is drafted. There is an informer in the barracks. What can they do? Read More
Huck meets his new bride. Is it for better- or worse? Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 15, 2020

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When you love someone, when should you let them go? Is it ever necessary to? What will happen if you continue a relationship with a toxic partner? Anyone who's been in love knows it's not always as clear as it may seem what hurts or helps them. Read More
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