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Writing on the Wall is an idiom in popular culture and it means something ominous and foreboding. This had come from Words: Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin. Read More
The life of Daniel Fitzgerald Levanthel after he realized he'd been kidnapped. Read More

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September 11, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Is it time for me to swallow pride and then stay awake? Is it time for me to crawl out of the skin of a snake Then emulate the color of the grass, Steal the light like a chameleon they thought I was? Is it time for me to… Read More

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While it is commonly believed that the duty of a Criminal Lawyer is to ensure and promote the system of administration of criminal justice, efficient management of criminal justice institutions, speedy dispensation of justice, protection of the society from crime and above all the protection of the rights and interest… Read More
This is the prologue to a story I've been wanting to write up for a very long time. It will be the first of many chapters that I'll be submitting. The story itself is told from the perspective of the main character, and will detail his adventures as a young… Read More
A Poem about life and how fear isn't as bad as everyone believes it to be. Courage comes fear, Perseverance comes from fear of failure. Our greatest strengths and triumphs have come from our worst fears. Fear is our foundation that we build upon, unless you're a sociopath of course… Read More
Fanzoned: Minahal mo ng sobra, hindi ka naman kilala. (A KATHNIEL story) Read More
A Young boy called Daniel, his sister Lucy, his mum, Linda and his dad, Harold Move into a house in Spain Where Dan's family falls apart and well..... just read it! Read More

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Summary under construction. Hey, quit turning gloomy on me! *Psh* Read More

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Two of my classic heroes origin stories are told. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

'What if we’re all bad?' Jem murmured. She didn't know how to respond to that. The thought of it made her feel cold and alone. Right and wrong, good and bad, it used to be so easy to tell the difference. So why was Ella Michaels helping the guys that… Read More
Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong is a talented and skillful soccer player who was captain and star defender of his high school soccer team at Eastern Regional High School. Read More
Kwasi Twum-Acheampong graduated in 2011 from Eastern Regional High school in Voorhees, New Jersey. As a star defender of the Vikings, the school’s football team, he was well liked and respected among his peers. Read More
Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong attended Eastern Regional High School in Voorhees, New Jersey. He was not only a very good and dedicated student but also the captain of the Vikings soccer team and an outstanding defender. Read More
~Welcome to the alternate world of Hogwarts; The world of vampyrs or more commonly known for the muggles as ‘vampires’ and werewolves (lycans). Having a secret bond, Harry and Draco journey the new realm to accomplish a difficult mission against a new kind of Dark Lord and also having to… Read More

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April 15, 2013

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Jennifer: She dislikes Daniel. He was rude to her since the day she met him. Even though she's been in the same class as him for 2 years, she would always ignore him. But why does he keep stealing glances her way? Also, why does she bother thinking about him?… Read More

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Ashley Farrowland lost her first husband and child in a car accident in 2009 when she was just nineteen; two years later she met Edward Marks who she fell in love with and after a year together they are engaged. Ashley’s first child was a miracle and probably her only… Read More
Valentina has her Valentines day all planned out. She knows what dress she's going to wear, she knows how she'll do her hair, heck, she even knows who might ask her to the dance. But that changs when she's given a black rose by a secret admirer. She then has… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Valentina has her Valentines day all planned out. She knows what dress she's going to wear, she knows how she'll do her hair, heck, she even knows who might ask her to the dance. But that changs when she's given a black rose by a secret admirer. She then has… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*AUTHOR'S NOTE 10/8/15 - Ignore the comments below. This is the new version of SG and those comments no longer relate. Enjoy!* The year is 2200. Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life… Read More
Daniel Bell, the American sociologist who coined the terms ‘post-industrial’ and ‘the information society’ and predicted the end of communism, the rise of the internet and other trends long before they occurred. The Coming of Post-Industrial Society Bell suggested that we are moving into a new phase of society, where… Read More

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February 15, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

It is a necessity. I will get over it. How I do it, is up to me. What path I choose to follow, is up to me. To whom my heart belongs, is up to it. I am Salem Brise, and I live in the past. Read More
My first short story, has many twists and turns, leaves a lot of space for imagination, it is about this boy and his best friend, and turns out that he didn't really know his friend at all. What he discovers will shock us all. Read More
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