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November 19, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

It is said that Alfred the Great is the most perfect character in history. I have read the story of this king many times, and he comes across as one who loves his people very much and wants them to learn. He loved justice and freedom and goodness. So… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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At a Seminary, a student and a teacher become involved. Inspired by Notes on a Scandal, The Reader, My Tutor, To Sir with Love. Read More
This is a short story that I wrote for a recent test that I took. It depicts a day in a girls life after she made a huge mistake. Note: The story is in Danish, so if you really want to read it, use Google Translate, but don't blame me… Read More
I am a Gypsy Subba Rao “I am tired of living a life of a gypsy, this is the second time I got duped,” “now I would consider growing organic vegetables to sell in local farmers’ market,” cried Juggernaut and then started singing loudly while getting up to leave. I… Read More
Dansk/Danish I en verden, der ligner vores meget, på nær én eneste forskel: teknologien, lever der mennesker i fred og harmoni. Alt dette forbliver som det plejer, INDTIL! ... indtil Himmelbyen kommer. Himmelbyen er den legendariske flyvende "kæmpe-by" af metal, jern, klippe og teknologi. Himmelbyen standser oppe over en fredfyldt… Read More
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