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Danny goes through the ghost catcher and is turned a ghost for good unless he gets the cure which is on Skulker's island. (I'm also going to put the DP opening song to every story from now on) Read More
Danny suspects his dad's new lab assistant to be a ghost. Read More
Danny suspects Tucker's new girlfriend, Alexis, the new girl at Casper High to be an evil fairy from the Ghost Zone. Read More
Danny has the ecto-acne but must fix his town from the Soul Snatcher. Read More
Danny and his science class take a trip to a place called "Mclain Islands." All Danny's peers are hypnotized by a tune. Danny then discovers Ember is in charge of the island. Who will Danny turn to in this time of need? Read More
The world has known Danny's secret for three months and Danny's enjoying life, espically with Sam as his girlfriend. When Paulina discovers the two are dating, she wants to steal Danny from Sam and Sam starts to question their relationship. Read More
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