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The Booksie Classic House

("The Forsaken Race" is an aspiring manga/anime series.) In a nameless world, the Aubade Sylphs are the largest race with the most powerful kingdom. Their residents live in harmony and happiness. Except for one pariah, Kita Rein. With only two friends, no family, and a very bad reputation, her life… Read More

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June 18, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

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Yasmiin Xirsi-Filsan is losing faith in herself and the future. Her girlfriend, Valeria Hernandez, believes that she is capable of more than she realizes and strives to pull her back on track as senior year begins. In her neighborhood near Milwaukee, crime is rising. Once a safe place, it is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A universe of love and hatred, beasts and humans, filled entirely with the flames of passionate anguish and the snowflakes of impermanent peace--In a state of bedlam, both love and hate must coexist for the sake of oneself and the sake of humanity. Follow the tales of two pairs: long-lost… Read More

Tags: love, dark, romance, magic, lgbt

In 1984, sixteen year old Nancy Thompson, and her friends, have the same nightmare, that of the burned killer Fred Krueger, who died in the Boiler Room by their parents the previous decade. Is he dead, or still alive? The novel of the Wes Craven horror classic. Read More
Even as the pandemic waned in year-end 2021, the world is replunged into chaos and despair when monsters suddenly invade Earth similar to top-hit novels from South Korea. Hope seemed to shine for humanity when a mysterious system that resembled a game moderating AI granted every human a chance for… Read More

Tags: dark, death, war, monster, king

It’s about a knight in purgatory Read More

Tags: dark

Sequel to Starlio Stex Year 1, Once a kid growing up in poverty,Starlio faced against all odds by using his homemade inventions to rescue his friends from a human trafficking ring and following that,used the same inventions to save his school from the same human traffickers who shot up his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For centuries Nico Harkness knew only immortality and taking lives. Falling for a Spanish witch burned at the stake years ago, he lived with the regret of never falling in love with a mortal again. The memory of it was too painful, even for him. Moving to the city, he… Read More
This world is full of mystery. Untold secrets and lies have been told throughout mankind's history. Legends, myths, and fairytales are not just stories told to children but history hidden. Monsters and demons, God and Man have lived together fighting for their right to rule. Centuries of battle with magic… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Shattered Crown: Hero of the North is the first book in a proposed series called Shattered Crown. It centers around the twenty-two year old mercenary, Leon Aerius, during the Second Elven Invasion of Andek. Andek is his homeland, where he returns to ether get rich or die. He doesn't care… Read More
Dark feeders at night Winging above the rooftops, Seeking living food. Read More

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Neon City: a Mega Metropolis filled with brightly lit Casinos, Dark rave clubs, aromatic food centers and shadowy bars. Each filled with dangerous Gangs known as "Street Tribes", and overwatched by the dispassionate and often equally nefarious "Straight Suits" from their Corporate glass towers while Netters use their cyber expertise… Read More
Dark star sends no warmth Down to the chilled minions, Of this frozen land. Read More

Tags: dark, death, terror, fear, star

Paul Maplin lived the rock star life. Drugs, money, women, and debauchery by the ton. But Paul's past has caught up with him, but he's not quite sure which skeleton has come out his his filthy closet... Read More

Tags: dark

The dark prince draws near From the dire underworld, Where nothing good resides. Read More
Night’s dark shadows hide All manner of evil, Lurking just out of sight. Dark rituals performed In the cover of night, On a lonely hill. Read More
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Tags: dark, poem, short, cloud, rainy

Dark angels coming to Earth Readying to slash and maim, Tracking down the good to kill Life will never be the same. Read More

Tags: dark, horror, death, angel, fear

Night evil beckons Darkness roars down on its prey, Unwary below. Darkness comes: Evil creeps upon you, Using the shadows for cover. Read More
Through the portal is uncounted dark An endless void of deep space, Night blackness upon night blackness No light, or little, escapes. Read More

Tags: dark, space, portal

The Dark Rider dressed in black, rides a motorbike through the night streets, killing all he finds. Read More

Tags: dark, death, night, ride

The Darkling is pitch black, and man-shaped, except he has no facial features. He drives people to the point of madness, drawing strength from their terror. Read More

Tags: dark, death, terror, fear

The darkness veils the evil that dwells inside the human heart. It is the dark that hides the blemishes and the scars left on fragile souls too weak to shield itself from the affront of the corruptions that invade the mind and heart without assent. Read More

Tags: dark, night, heart, eyes, hides

After losing everyone who Acton cared about how will he thrive in his new world alone. Read More
this is my first post ever so please go easy on me :p Read More

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May 15, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

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