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Book summary: Aisha is the new heir to the throne of Sage. But her aunt, Seraphinia, will stop at nothing to declare herself Queen. When the king is murdered, and Aisha is exiled. Seraphinia is the only one left to the throne. Was it an unruly accident or part of… Read More

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Lost in a time two souls collide, unable to remain together in life. One struggles to find and keep the other from when they first were together when japan was torn by wars, to cascading deserts of egypt, the dark ages of europe, the grueling life of the new colonies… Read More
1066AD. Durwin Taeppere is an innkeeper who lives in Kent, along the Watling Street that links Dover at the coast to London, and things are looking dangerous: William the Conqueror has mustered an army just across the channel, and Harold Godwinson has taken England’s north to fight the Vikings, leaving… Read More

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February 23, 2012

Which was will the world go? Read More
In ancient Ireland a boy is forced to flee for his life across the sea to Albion. Trying to forget the slaughter of his family, he starts a new, more humble life in the Kingdom of Dumnonia, eventually befriending Ambrosius, a boy destined for greatness. He fulfills his late father's… Read More
well my friend and i are writing a book and this is what we have started with so i wanted to publish it and see what people think. any comments are welcome. any critisim is welcome. i can take critisim well. thank y'all for the help :) oh and please… Read More
I wrote this ages ago...I was down in the dumps because it was only a year after my grandmother died and she lived with me my whole life. So here's my first ever Poem I ever wrote. Please comment on what you think about it!! Read More
Evelyn; cousin to the young King David; has just come of age. Finally, she is achieving the dream of every young lady of the court. Four of the greatest knights in the eight fiefs her cousin rules are coming to the high court; a great faire is being held in… Read More
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