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A young elf on her way home from an adventure finds the prince of her greatest rivals the night elf's. Now she knew she should have left the man to die but something keeps her from doing that. Read More
ADULT CONTENT! It contains murder (which I do not deem wise in real life) and sex (which is perfectly okay in real life). Hundreds of years ago there was a terrible war between the two most powerful goddesses in the Underdark. Lolth-the Spider Queen-and Shriae-the Assassin Goddess, or Silent Dancer.… Read More
A boy with a destiny to save the world... or possibly destroy it. Read More
Is about two different species from two different sides of the world falling in love. Will these two different species be able to put their differences a side for their love? Or will they hate each other just like they are suppose too? (there is two sides to this story… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

July 05, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

The safe and peaceful facade has fallen from the Mage Guild and now Tehera must protect her son once again from the power hungry. Action must be taken, but who can she trust when surrounded by enemies? Will Tehera find the path to peace? ***Thanks for taking your time to… Read More
This time I loosened on certain areas but still was very much constrained, so I hit another writter's block although I did make many changes and add a few chapters. Read More
When I first wrote it I was like majorly concscious of myself and wanted to stay nice and proper. Nothing too extreme, so here it is. Read More
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