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The Booksie Classic House

Shea is a sixteen year old girl who is constantly battling with her love of the fantastic and reality. Her alcoholic father is notorious for his lies, her stepmother is emotionally unstable, and her little brother's illness is getting worse rather than better. Everything changes when her father stops coming… Read More
This is a story of the kind of hero I would want to be. Dark and mysterious. That's all that is to be said. Read More

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Seventeen year old Socrates Singer, having as a child touched a sacred Oglala Indian tribal mask, discovers he has the ability to control birds of every species. The victim of bullies, Socrates is not quite sure how to use this newfound ability, but this changes when he meets Jamie Robinson,… Read More
Are you interested in the nerve racking world of dark fiction? Here's your chance to make a fiction story that is based in worlds like: "The Last of Us, Metro 2033, general post-apocalypse novels/stories/movies, etc. This is a contest and is due in July 10th 2013. Best of luck. Read More
This is the basic description and application for our writing group. If you are interested, there will be emails and links provided on how to contact us. Read More
Song & Dance: Year One are stories about C.J. Johnson's trials, tribulations, and the rise to fame in his career as a modern day minstrel (Black face) performer. The Amazing Poof is C.J. Johnson’s stage name. The Amazing Poof as a character embodies every cliché gangster rappers, stereotypical African-American Hollywood… Read More
This collection of short stories probes the interrelationship between dreams and reality, the nature of reality itself, and the dangers attendant to the single-minded pursuit of wish fulfillment with its attendant unexpected and unwanted consequences. Read More
There was this lonely house in my hometown, built right next to a field. It wasn't a creepy house, not at all. It wasn't even peculiar looking. It wasn't even particularly interesting. It was just there. Lonely. So I thought of giving it a visit, for old time's sake (I… Read More
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