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Today I thought about the shortness of my youth, and about friends who were never given a chance to live beyond their youth. We were boys in Vietnam. Some of us returned unscarred, but wounded nonetheless. Our youth was gone. Our dreams tarnished. Our lives forever changed. Gone was the… Read More
"Clouds Over A Grey Sky" is a collection of short stories that speak of intense human emotions such as fear, sorrow, love, rage and many more, with a heavy focus on character and atmosphere. This collection will be updated at random, and it is likely to be marked as complete… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a book of thoughts I’ve scribbled down as I go about my days and nights. Read More

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"I too miss the stars, growing up in rural Australia, where you can easily see the Galactic centre, I was always in awe of the vastness of space..." Read More

A child’s dream outlasts the brilliance of the evening stars that light the darkness left behind, when dreams turn into memories, and memories turn into tears. Read More
I'm have compiled my existing poems into a one book volume. I will be adding poems to this list as time moves on. I know the majority of my poems are dark but I will throw in some light hearted and fun poems every once in a while. Read More
A dark science-fiction story concerning a possible future life of humanity as it encounters alien civilizations in deep space and evolving itself in a way described as "trans-human". A dark sci-fi-tale with irony at heart! Read More
Brawl between abyss and redemption. Read More
The first big crossover event of my collection. There are many characters in stories that I haven't written yet myself, hopefully when and If I can make this something I will have other writers to help fill in everything up to this point. Read More
Fading light brings the darkness and the shadows that once enslaved the human soul. Read More
a crime an eternity in execution...a grudge held forever more..... Read More
Nature is hungry Read More

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Always nice to see the sun. My poem. Read More
Continuing with my Undead series, I wanted to write more in the lines of my current protagonist. The story opens to more of our hero discovering what and who operates within this vampire hierarchy with some events catching up to him/ Read More

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March 16, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Bronte was born in the middle of a Hurricane in the dead of night and life has always felt like she was still in the middle of it. Her Mother had taken her from city to city while she was growing up almost like she was trying to run from… Read More

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This is an emotional piece about a girl feeling trapped, being forced to stay where she is by the rules of her parents and not allowed to free herself of those rules until she is 18. Read More

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February 23, 2022

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First posting... a little poem from during the night when sleep evades. I write stories in episodes usually... but like writing little poems to express an emotional state Read More

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As a soldier in Vietnam, I lost my youth and my dreams. And the nights no longer lured me into slumber, but into a nightmare . . . . But I still remember when, as a boy, . . . “Darkness came, and with it a sense of exhaustion and… Read More
The dark place is just this side Of a horrid, sunken dell, A place where only losers go It's just outside of Hell. Read More
[This gift requires no wrapping.] The morning, light awakens the still slumbering darkness of the night before. I see the dark shadows of trees and shrubs stirring in the morning breeze. The cobwebs of interrupted dreams melding into my mind, like melting ice cubes on a hot summer’s day, commingling… Read More
This brought the curtain down to this strangest of romances, but left Nivita emotionally shaken! Tears often gleaned in Nivita's eyes for Vardhaman, her rejected lover whom she would never have but who would always stay in her memories! Read More
The story presents a different perspective of darkness and eternity. The central idea is, like darkness erases or clouds the aspects such a direction, distance and shape of beings so does eternity; span of life is endless then, time loses its meaning, age becomes irrelevant and most sadly the anticipation… Read More

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Cover image: Pixabay.com Read More

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