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By Darren Chaker: The Cato Institute, ACLU of San Diego, Electronic Frontier Foundation, First Amendment Coalition, and Brechner First Amendment Project at University of Florida filed a joint amicus brief in his support wanting the court to reverse a decision from a San Diego federal judge who found Darren Chaker… Read More
Police computer searches, as explained by Darren Chaker, are common place. Right to privacy, court ruling, federal law, and consent to search issues are explained in brief with links to appeallate cases. Read More
By Darren-Chaker. This article relates to expungement in federal court concerning what remedy may be available upon the court determining the habeas petitioner was subject to an unconstitutional conviction. Read More
I don't usually comment on issues like this, however find the hype surrounding the allegations a little ridiculous. This article details a synopsis of law and fact concerning allegations of Perez Hilton publishing a link where Miley Cyrus exposed herself on stage. Read More
The California Public Records Act allows people to obtain various types of information, including police officer name and rank. Police sometimes reject such requests by intertwining the request for name and rank information with 'personnel records.' As the below article articulates, full name and rank information is not a personnel… Read More
By Darren Chaker -- The right to testify in a criminal trial is absolute, but not always advisable. Refusal of trial counsel to honor that right can lead to reversal of any subsequent conviction, but keep in mind testifying may lead the Defendant's conviction as well. Read More
The right of a Defendant to represent himself in crimial proceedings, although unwise, is a right. This article will touch on the basics of self-representation. Darren Chaker Read More
This short article focuses on issues seen in courts on a dailey basis where the Defendant tells the court his defense attorney, often a Public Defender, is not doing what the Defendant wants done for trial. This is usually the tipping point of creating a conflict between the two to… Read More
Darren Chaker -- This brief check is only the basics to create a secure environment for your data and computer. Read More
Technology and the Fifth Amendment right continues to evolve.This synopsis relates to how technology, encryption, and your right continues to evolve. Darren Chaker Read More
Darren Chaker provides some brief insight into California law concerning use of California Anti-SLAPP law used when people are sued for conduct protected within their consistutional right. Read More
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