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Paris is said to be the city of love. Love floats in the air here. And many times, Cupid might just be around. When seventeen years old Paris Hedge goes to Paris, she had no idea she was going to repeat history. She was just going to see the place… Read More

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This is my entry for StoryHeart's contest. Ileana George, who had always felt for her bestfriend was extremely happy that her love finally proposed to her on her birthday. However, her happiness was shortlived. Destiny snatched away her happiness and did such a thing that left her shocked… Read More
Its 2018 and we just graduated highschool. So me and my two best friends, Devon and Xena, kept our promise to move in with one another. My name is Ares and I've always had a close relationship to Xena. But I never realized how much I meant to her until… Read More
Brian has waited his entire life to find a woman he loves. Thanks to the internet he has finally found her. Now all he has to do his get her to love him. Read More
***RECAP*** Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter has just met the gorgeous Michael St Claire. She is instantly attracted to him and things between the pair start to heat up. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his… Read More
I have written this story for Jack Dragonblood's Summer Night short story contest. The story is all about a romantic beach date at night which turned to be a nightmare for Bella. Read More
In this episode Andrew and Heather have relationship issues. What will Andrew do about Heather cheating on him? Read More
Andrew is thrilled to be out on a date with his girl friend, but things take a turn for the worst when he makes a mistake. Read More

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April 06, 2014

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How far could you think of the reasons why someone would an hour late ? Read More

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March 22, 2014

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the hint Read More

Tags: love, waiting, date, hint

Jennie the best friend has a dream come true and I get excited for my date with mike Ps:this is all made up lol Read More

Tags: bestfriend, hot, dad, mike, date

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The Booksie Classic House

Was it a coincidence or destiny that caused to ex-lovers to reunite while they were one dates and attempting to move on in their search for love? Read More
The difference between rape and bad decision making skills is a little more defined than we like to admit. Read More

Tags: rape, assault, date

Picture this; a teenage girl sitting alone on the bleachers during the dreaded slow dance at Homecoming, wondering when she'll get her turn. How many of us have been that girl? Read More
Carl thought he lived a normal life. He had nice neighbors, a nice house, good friends. But something just isn't right. Carl seems to have found a sign that could mean the end of the world... What will happen? Will he have to survive? Read "Expiration Date" to find out. Read More
Church gals have no business dancing so closely with men and staying out so late... Read More
A 44 year old male virgin signs up with a dating service. Read about his feelings as his experience unfolds. He is in an awkward state because he finds him in the position of needing to hide much of his past in spite of a clean criminal record due to… Read More
I wrote this poem, thinking about him and wondering if we can ever be a couple. You can see I really want it to happen Read More
First short work I ever completed. that was almost five years ago. It's about a man, and an almost lover. The events she causes in his life... well read to find out. Read More

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What exactly is holding back a woman from asking a man out?! Read More
Sam has always been sorta anti social. When she meets Derick, will she finally open up? Or will she stay of the safe side of life? Read More
Most people fall in love and don't become addicted to their significant other. Most people, but not Alex. She didn't know Draiden was going to be the one that will have her completely and hopelessly devoted to him with just one touch. Read More
Carmen, a mother of two, got a date. After two year dry spell, she finally managed to find someone not turned off by her boys. However, she also has another problem. Getting the eldritch abomination masquerading as her household pet to behave while she is gone. Now she must deal… Read More
Hey friends. I am a simple girl who wants you to meet Vindhya a friend of mine who has a particular story to tell you from her life. I am sure you will like it. Today I am going to drop you at the doorstep of her house if you… Read More

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Paper Bombardier few fears enrapture more than horizontal Ink splatter rounds at the Bar From a Gold Bullion Gunpowder Pen charged where the Signet ring reads The God Literati.Full Metal Jacket For Good Bad and Ugly,Bumping Ax along the Grain of a tree Stump for days- Quantifying Ways to sharpen… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Never Ever After is a story from the eyes of Rachel Farren, a young girl who's careful and cautious, especially with her heart. Terrified of the thought of heartbreak, the beautiful yet modest Rachel continues through college life as an indecisive hopeless romantic. She then meets Michael Patrick, a young… Read More
"Happily ever after, wouldn't you know. Skip to the ending, who'd like to know? I'd like to know. Author of the moment, can you tell me, do I end up happy?" Never Ever After is a story from the eyes of Rachel Farren, a young girl who's careful and cautious,… Read More

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