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Poem for lovers, who are told their crazy for getting in a committed relationship. This one is for you. Read More

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It's summer, Lucy is a 29-year-old journalist who lives in Wimbledon. She goes on her first Tinder date... which could have gone better. Read More
our narrator is having a tough time on dates. read and fine out why Read More

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Mostly stories about Caroline & Rai, but some are just Caroline. She's a witch of the Harry Potter sort, who I've introduced to the SS continuity. Rai is (c) his player, as are other house/hotel characters. Also, I am not that great a making her sound British, but I try.… Read More
I've decided to track my dating experiences as a 26 year old woman in 2020. From my breakup from who I thought was my soul mate, to downloading dating apps and interactions from men. To going on my first date since being single. I hope to document each experience for… Read More
A woman invades my privacy for scheming reasons. Read More
A poem about missed love and reality Read More
Two strangers observe a couple walking through a park and come to opposite conclusions based on their personal opinions and background. Read More
A new collection of romantic stories set in New York. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A collection of romantic stories set in New York. Read More
Mayor Satch is confronted with a difficult choice- whether or not to support the construction of a statue honoring the late Mayor Brian Sarandon. Sarah becomes involved with very old flame Trustee Brandon Nehring- but can’t figure out why. Ethan consults with the Sarandon family over their wishes for the… Read More

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The Imagination Station House

“The One”, as it is coined in romance novels, can be found much more easily through new technology; those with a Helpmate implant can track and locate where their soulmate is in the world by the assistance and help of a glowing blue light. Read More

Book / Horror

August 17, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Dating sites are great for meeting interesting people. Or are they? Read More
Have you ever fell in love with a house? I have. Read More
Who doesn't want to get married and live happily ever after? We all know about the common things that people seek in a relationship: honesty, trust and loyalty. But doesn't it take much more than that? Of course it does! The truth is that you need both sides to be… Read More
At times, the first impression is not always the best. Read More
My chapter is the start of my journey from when i had the courage to leave an unhealthy marriage and move to the other end of the country to begin my new life. I will continue on sharing my quest to find love in the modern dating world and how… Read More
My story is about my quest to find love and break the tradition of four generations of women who have not found love again when their relationships ended. I wanted to change history, so set about doing everything I could to bring love into my life. Read More
This is about dating , it lay a question to everyone and also answer the question, it a clear guide to your dating life if it walk according to God own way. Read More
Jacob's perspective on what happened with the friendship between him and Celeste. Read More
i took a long hiatus but i’m back to write and hopefully you’ll read and enjoy. i’m open to suggestions on topics as well Read More

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Poem / Romance

November 01, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Is she the one? Does she know her one is me? Read More
This is a story about a girl who accidentally got into a relationship Read More

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Based on a number of true stories from my teen years in Stow, Ohio. Read More
I fell in love with a talkitive but hot woman Read More
The first in a collection of short stories regarding my never ending conquests in internet (and sometimes old fashioned) dating. Read More
Whitney, during intense filming for The Box, has to deal with constant complaints and demands from her live-in parents, Hannah takes the insults of the other contestants on The Box personally, and Rob can’t decide whether his attraction to Bonnie is real or not, as he re-enters the dating… Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 01, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Some of us waste a lot of precious time; we should act, and stop hesitating. My short poem. Read More
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