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This is my first big debut project that is 32 paragraphs long. This is short story inspired by the game Dayz Standalone. (This is fan fiction). The main character "Michin Sekki" and his friend, "Hikaru Takeshi" must fight and survive in the event up coming in Chernarus, Elektro. Read More

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Three years after patient zero escapes, the world is overrun with Infected. In this story, a small group of survivors band together to try and survive. Be with them as they uncover new places, new friends, and make new enemies. Read More

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In a zombie outbreak, where everything is chaos, there is one place where human life, still has value. Read More
I'm Alek Dimotrivac. I'm a Russian-American. I was ship wrecked onto the shore of an island named "Chernaurus." I decided it would be a good idea to run. Just run, and not look back. I eventually came upon a town. Its name was Elektrozavodsk. I checked the doors on a… Read More
A man sits alone atop a hill. His rifle firmly grasped in his hands, he is ever patient. This is just a short story inspired by the zombie survival game "Day Z". Might be interesting for some. I thought i would share it and see what happened. Read More
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