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What If your favorite Anime series characters was in a world where they fight other characters Well I can make that happen!!!!! WARNING: Some of these characters that I've made our mine and if you think you can steal them!!! THINK AGAIN!!! And this is also a video-game project not… Read More
This is a fan based original back story line to a hit anime series called Dragon Ball Z. In this tale i will be show casing a plus one character named Vegeta seeking to take up the mantle of the main character Goku during a 7 year hiatus from the… Read More
Trunks goes through his daily routine, while thinking about the past. Read More

Tags: loss, tragedy, dbz

Before reading, knowledge of Sonic the Hedgehog (and for chapter 3 watch Nazo unleashed on youtube/newgrounds) Meet Jez and his best friend Jim, as they are pulled into the Sonic the Hedgehog world. Read More
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