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The fourth issue of a comic series I'm writing and hoping to pitch to DC Comics. Read More
We always see Superman as a powerful figure, taking on powerful beings to protect the planet. But he's so much more than that. I'd know. I've seen him up close. Watched him. Filmed him. What makes Superman a hero has nothing to do with his abilities. Superman shows us a… Read More
Green Arrow is about to go up against his biggest threat yet but what happens when there a failure on his team? His team will feel the burden, feel the anger, feel the confusion. And at the end one will leave, one will die and one will never be… Read More
Issue three of a fan fiction series on the children of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman who lost their parents and now must decide if they want to carry their parent's mantel. Read More
Issue two of some fan fiction I'm writing and am trying to submit to DC comics. Read More
A piece taking approximately 1 and a half hours to write, the contents derive from 3 words i was given as subject matter - "Batman, twisted and hopeless." Outlining a return to Wayne Manor, where things are not as familiar as one would think. There could be mistakes i made… Read More
Before she was Wonder Woman, a super-heroine, an ambassador for Themiscira, and one of the founding members of the Justice League, she was Diana Gismondi a housewife in B.C Italy. From super housewife to one of the universe's fiercest fighters. This is my retelling of her origin story. Read More
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