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Victor was once the Arch-mage and royal adviser to the king. Like any man, Victor had a hobby. Victor's hobby was to research and collect, by any means necessary, rare magical artefacts, and then create his own artefacts with the research he had done. Now, Victor knells down in… Read More

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This is a short story set in the world of my novel, A Broken Kingdom. It's set a couple years after Oskar and Marent begin courting. See my profile for pictures of the characters! Read More

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An analogical view between tabletop games and mental health. Read More

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Have you ever wondered about your D&D characters? You throw them into such bizarre situations, controlling them as you barrel towards certain doom. If you roll poorly, they'll die, but who cares? You can just roll up another character. But what if they don't want to be… Read More
A man of faith turns to darkness in his hour of need as his divine gifts fade and crusaders slaughter his people. Read More
A frail child longs to be a great warrior. Read More
I play Pathfinder, basically a better worked out version of D&D, and I wrote this short story as background for a temporary weapon my players could obtain while I was their DM. It's also in Dutch Read More
An automaton's ascension to sentience and the journey that follows as he reads of magic and lands that capture his mind's eye and press him to seek adventure beyond his mystical garden home. Read More
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