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A pastor and deacon use umbrellas to teach congregation about faith. Read More
When respected Edinburgh Gentleman and City Councillor, Deacon William Brodie, chases his love of gambling, he is drawn deep into a double life. Before long the open respectability of day gives way to a hidden life of crime at night, and soon, Brodie is on a trajectory to disaster .… Read More
This is a poem that was done for a class assignment. It was supposed to be a P.O.V assignment about something that happened to someone else. Again, Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Read More
two pirates save a pirate from the armada ship and a bull ronin (a samoorai with no master) to save the spiral from the dangers of the armada Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 30, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I made this for my own sheer enjoyment.. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 14, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Chaweeka's back! In the second book of the Chaweeka series, Chaweeka's life continues on, except it's just a little more... interesting. There's a new baby, Chance, in the house, and Windemere is noticeably absent from Chaweeka's life. And everyone's favorite deacon is back, and he's got a son. Ooh, spicy... Read More
Now that NASA has destroyed earth, The Skylark is left in space to find a new place to call home. But there mission is not complete yet as now it is to destroy NASA completly, which means taking their earth away from them. Read More
Tori, a sixteen year old girl living in the 3030's is recruted into the war against NASA. Tori had always been a sky boarder and had loved the skys for what they were, but she had never thought about participating in the war. But she was given no choice when… Read More
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