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almost S C A R Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 26, 2018

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The Poems House

Some bury their dead in one manner, others in other ways. But it is said, by some, that a good stuff drink can lighten the saddened load. Read More
Cognitive dissonance is an insidious creeping social virus......beware the backdoor of your mind! Read More

Tags: dead, ghoul, gulch, lurid

Kyle has a dark mind. Taylor is funny. Jacklyn is cute, so is Liz. Why are guys funnier than girls? So they can impress them. FUCKKKKKKKKK I CAN”T THINK OF A FUCKING SCRIPT BUT I WANT TO FUCKKKKKKKKKK My dad died and now all I… Read More

Tags: life, dad, dead, sucks

Is Love really alive ? Then why the heart break's ? think again. Read More

Tags: love, dead, is, so

I know two people in my life really well. One loves me so much, and the other hates me so much. One is my best friend, and the other is my worst nightmare. One is a bad ass chick, and the other is… Read More

Tags: buried, past, dead, trouble, six

Poem / Poetry

January 14, 2018

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A Tanka. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 12, 2018

Three poems. 1) Silent City 2) Last Night 3) Untitled Read More

Tags: suicide, dead

this is a story about a girl who's family was killed in a shooting. enjoy!! Read More

Poem / Horror

December 07, 2017

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On that hour . . . the raven shall appear. Read More

Short Story / Horror

November 29, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: dead

we read a story in class about this man and women and they lived in a farm house kind of thing and one night a man showed up to there house in pajamas, a bathrobe, with no shoes on. the man stepped in there house and tackled the women's… Read More

Tags: scared, dead, zombie

The things that go on in the shadows of some industries, and the Boom in these businesses, would surprise you. Actually, they would be a surprise to others as well. Read More
I'm sure you know the feeling. You've decided to take a holiday just as the heavens open and the rain buckets down. Then, when it finally brightens up, your world goes crazy. Zombie crazy. It's enough to put you off the seaside for good. Read More
Countinue holding on to life when your not supposed to and see what happens. Read More

Tags: death, living, dead

Poem / Memoir

August 03, 2017

it was never meant to be Read More
This is not some made up crap, this is grieving over my dead dog, Pug. Leave a like if you share and or understand my pain :,( Read More

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There are spirits of the dead, I know that to be a fact, and this poem is just an idea. Read More

Tags: pain, body, dead, harm, stranded

This poem is dedicated to all soldiers. In this physical world, we face reality--either peace or war. Read More

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This poem was inspired by a visit to a Shot at Dawn memorial - a visit I made with a good friend, and would not have made without him. Thank you, Jason :) This poem was written to try and convey the finality, and the horror of the mass killings… Read More

Tags: murder, dawn, fallen, dead, shot

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

A madman rambles in detail of a place that no longer is, although everyone else would tell you it never was. Read More

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I am aware this poem is not my greatest, but neither was is supposed to be. I wrote this years ago - so long, in fact, I can't remember it, but I stumbled across it today and thought the message was still something I believe in, so here it is.… Read More
So alone tonight ... Read More

Poem / Romance

June 19, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: pain, dead, bird

Poem / Poetry

June 04, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: sad, friend, dead, borken

As One died, One finds oneself in some place. Trying to figure out what One's options are now, One gets oneself in trouble.His genius becomes his curse. Read More
Zack, a broken man who has just been released from an asylum, has just moved into an old Victorian house on Jasper street. But he is not alone in the house, the spirit of a woman haunts his home. Soon Zack and this spirit care for one another and it… Read More
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