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Dean Winchester is a man of religion. He's happily with his girlfriend Lisa, helping raise her kid Ben. His apple pie life couldn't be any better. After a series of unfortunate events, Dean meets Castiel. Becoming fiends comes naturally, despite their differing beliefs. Soon enough, Dean finds himself falling for… Read More
A short poem on my take of the Winchester Brothers after 9X10 Read More
Dean Winchester stumbles upon the diary of his hunting partner Blacky and unable to contain his own curiosity he begins to read the book. He will find out the hard way, why diaries are meant to be kept secret. Read More
Another requested song-fic from Blacky. Dean takes a moment to cotemplate everything going on in his life. Contains original characters. Sorry if I didn't capture his character well...I've never been very good at Dean xD Read More
This is a fanfiction so... DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Sam and/or Dean Winchester. I do not own the idea of Supernatural. This is pure fiction and meant for enjoyment. Read More
Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover fic - It was meant to be a simple hunt; gank the witch and get outta dodge. Unfortunately, the best laid plans often fall apart. Read More
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