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In the small town of Ravenseye, Adelaide Winchester is a young woman with a big dream, a dream of becoming a renowned dancer. However, no one is willing to support her, believing dancing to be a frivolous activity. Even Simon Hughes, with whom she has a special relationship, isn't of… Read More
Aniha had just bought a giant house for cheap, and nothings going to drive her out. (Even if its haunted) Read More

Book / Horror

December 06, 2022

Malena Fontana mourned the death of her husband to the point of madness. Then one afternoon, her lamentations caught the attention of a mysterious stranger, who then approached her with an life altering offer. Read More
This is a section of memories from the last few years, from the very beginning of a friendship to the end... A love story like no other. A story that will leave you in tears, but from both laughter and sadness, possibly even anger. It will be a rollercoaster of… Read More

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There's no real plot. Gallagher Black's life has begun to change through his pursuit of freedom and solitude. He seeks to understand his life while observing what is happening to those around him. He is restless and aims to liberate himself from what confines him, all while being followed and… Read More
The printing press gave mankind the means to spread knowledge like never before, but can words alone bring one out of darkness and into light? In this story about the collision between faith, truth, wisdom and strength, a young boy transforms as he learns to understand his world, but he… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about losing a pet, in this instance saying goodbye to a dog and emotions you hope they understand. Read More

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The Angel of Death has been sent to the land of the living on one mission: Capture the soul of an old woman called Marie Simmons. As he approaches her, he notices something that he has never seen before in a human: She wasn't scared of death. Read More

Book / Romance

November 28, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Gods are the ultimate race. They can create and destroy at their whims, without consequences. Fawn was born into the wealthiest family, the youngest and the only one to produce light. He hid everything from everyone until one man saw him for who he was. Levi didn’t mean to see… Read More
Another tale of writing as life. Read More

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A girl, finds out she has an unknown disease and ends up dying a slow and painful death. Read More
Dedicated to William Simons (1940-2019) who died on June 21, 2019 Read More
I have decided to dedicate a whole Book for poems about death wither it be about someone i have lost or death in general. I write about death a lot and i felt i needed to have a place dedicated to it. A place where when feeling sentimental i can… Read More
A poem that places life and death in perspective. To understand that one day life will cease to exist and perhaps, no matter your belief, will birth once again in another world, dimension, or Heaven. Read More
The ongoing series about artificial life. follows the book Biosynthetic A comic storyline. Read More
Where the death of a child helps a mother see things the way they are Read More
taken from my book, "The Fact Of A French Fry Is....." Read More

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Depression can get to us all, and in this monologue trying to control it can just be too much. Read More
Excerpt: But our genetic heritage is a kind of magical seed bag of infinite potential — dormant seeds waiting for their epigenetic moment. No, it’s even more open-ended than that. Our genetics are recapitulated holograms of the primordial soup, which can germinate in any form when the immaterial lightning of… Read More

Poem / Horror

November 01, 2022

Just a little Halloween poem Read More
HP Lovecraft wrote a ton of cult-classic crap about the primal chaos beings living outside of time-space, these dark gods of terror. When we think of death, this is the kind of nightmare imagery most of us will typically come up with. Personally, I always felt that death would be… Read More

Poem / Other

October 30, 2022

.......... Read More

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AKA Halloween, this day has specific spiritual concept which still resonates in modern times. Read More

Tags: love, death, life, fear

Book / Thrillers

October 25, 2022

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Welcome, this is the Death Podcast. (Fiction: non of these stories are real) Read More
madie, a 16 year old girl has an abusive father, discovers something shocking. but she has nobody to tell it to. until jacob, a 21 year old man who was going through a troubling time now, shows up into her life. their bond is impossible to break, until the impossible… Read More
Dedicated to Eugene Williams (1931-2020) who died on October 1, 2020 Read More
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