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Tragedy strikes, villagers act to pave the way for a soul not longed for this world. Read More

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Lester Holt is being haunted by something... Read More

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Human being is always afraid. Fear of unknown is a common thing. They’re curious to know the outer life. But when the difference appears just among them they react with violence. It is always scared of a greater power, to not be in control, to have to pass the lead… Read More
A non-fiction account of the 1950 death of 13 year old babysitter, Janett Christian. The story that sparked the Urban Legend story of the 1960's "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs". Read More
A short horror story about Resurrection Mary, the Chicago ghost from the 1930s. Read More
Writing prompt : define lonely warning (includes depression/self harm) Read More

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Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who died 7 years ago today on March 6, 2013. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 06, 2020

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Poem / Romance

March 05, 2020

Suicide is never the answer! Please do not ever to this! Ever! Read More
A poem I wrote at a genocide memorial in Rwanda. Read More

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One thing that I know, God allows our Guardian Angels to come to us for comfort, and they empower us with new strength and determination. My soulmate guardian angel husband does this all of the time. Read More
A little all over the place, But has a good meaning behind it. Read More

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A memoir I wrote after my brother died. Read More
A collection of short fiction based on true stories, featuring slight embellishments. Each tale follows an unnamed narrator as they guide us through a dreamlike memory of nautical places, practices and people forgotten to time. Cover image: Read More

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The natural world, as we know , is under constant pressure form human interference. It seems to have no way of defending itself against the march of the modern world....or does it? Read More

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Cover image: Read More

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My throat was dry, shards of glass sharp against it, cutting against the edges to try and let the water in. Read More

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Hi! Read More

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A mother painting a gift for her daughter. Read More

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A poem about demons being my inner struggles of life. Read More

Tags: dark, death, demons

Mostly stories about Caroline & Rai, but some are just Caroline. She's a witch of the Harry Potter sort, who I've introduced to the SS continuity. Rai is (c) his player, as are other house/hotel characters. Also, I am not that great a making her sound British, but I try.… Read More
I live this forest, espacially in fall, when i come here with Pearl, my best friend as long as I can remember. Read More
COURAGE, DEATH, LIFE, ETERNAL Two astonishing individuals who manage bad luck with true valor. Read More
LIFE, DEATH, HELPING, MENTORING, RESPONSIBILITY, SAVING LIVES Judith Robinson, a recent grad from UC Berkeley, is off to her first assignment as a Mentor. She is young and black, her Mentee is old and white. But he has requested her. He has Alzheimers Early Stage. Judith must confront all these… Read More
Why are you doing this? Read More

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A privatized city, a gangster out for revenge, the wealthiest man who's ego could destroy the boundaries of life and death, a former police officer who is pulled back from death and her husband stuck in purgatory. Artemis fights against all odds in order to be able to be back… Read More
OUT OF THE PAST, FEAR, SUSPENSE, DEATH, BLANK ZONE, A telephone call from out of the past fires up a partial memory. The other part is swirled round with suspense, fear, and death. Read More
The odd story of how an artwork killed a cleric. Read More
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