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February 14, 2018

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Is bearing the burden necessary to live as a decent human being? Read More
Two strangers struggle to survive in the wilderness. Read More
Preface; A few things need to be said about this work at the outset. Firstly; this is a serious effort to understand the Soofi way of life which has over a billion adherents. Secondly; this story is full of home-truths, clichés, and truisms. Thirdly; it is a bit of a… Read More
Since 1948, America’s world policy has been a world-domination policy, playing Monopoly with real countries and real people. Tyrants like the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein have been put into power by the U.S., the Ayatollah Khomeini was kidnapped by the CIA and held illegally for 30 years! And… Read More
Our current method of taxation allows elected officials to maintain power over citizens. A consumption tax eliminates this. Read More
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