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Just thoughts spewing out. Wanting to be good enough. Read More
We live in a place called world (this world) Choices are given, decisions are made (In life we are given choices and our decisions are upon us) The good is the pass, the bad is the fail (this life is a test...If you do good you will pass and if… Read More

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March 15, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Did you know, they say that the human brain still functions after decapitation for three minutes? You lose the ability to move and feel after thirty seconds, the ability to see after eighty seconds along with all of your other senses. You only have yourself and the entire universe crashing… Read More
I have been considering my life for what seems like ages by now. This is a list of some of my problems, maybe a confession if you will of my bottled up demons that I wished to get off my chest. Note: Contains vulgar language Read More
What came first? Real Intelligence or Artificial? I think it' a shame that I was even inspired to write a poem of this nature. Simply because there is enough room for everyone to enjoy reality without the compartmentalization of life. Hope you enjoy. Read More
Words that stir in my head Read More
We all, as writers, get that urge to just take a small thought that planted itself in our minds, and water it until it grows and branches. The urge to just write until all that is inside of you is reflected back towards you, and you have a small piece… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I thought of this in the bathroom -.- Yep, if you ever feel the need to get some creative inspiration, just go do the number two. Read More
It's just a big deal. Just gotta answer the questions. Read More
many of my little thoughts just buddled together Read More
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